Senior Bowl 2024: Meet Team PRIME TIMERS

Super Bowl LVIII is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with DPA’s very first Senior Bowl adoption event! The Senior Bowl will place the beloved senior pets in our program at center stage, kicking off the festivities with a fun-filled afternoon where we’ll shine the spotlight on some of our standout senior pups and felines. Then we’ll toss it over to the fans, where you’ll vote for your favorite senior to take home the title of Most Valuable Pet!

If you’re ready to welcome a new companion into your home, don’t overlook these wise and whiskered seniors, who still have so much life and love to give! Could one of our Prime Timers be your new best friend? Scope out the player profiles below, and get ready to cast your votes for your MVP top pick!

Our Prime Timers will be going head-to-head with team Golden Oldies, and we need YOU to help us decide who will score the big win as the MVP of our 2024 Senior Bowl!

How to Cast Your Senior Bowl Votes

Get ready to cheer on your faves, because starting February 4 and ending February 11, 2024, you can Vote For Your Top Senior Pet and help their team secure the win! Voting is unlimited, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok to show these seniors some love and share the Senior Bowl with your friends. Keep casting your votes until midnight on Super Bowl Sunday. The pet with the most votes will be awarded the title of MVP and win the Senior Bowl 2024 for their team!

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Meet the Players: Team Prime Timers

Cue the fanfare, because the Prime Timers are hyped up and ready to show you their stuff! Here in our lineup we have Flora, Cotton, Shelby, Sullivan, Margo, Mucca, Stella, and Stevie Nicks. Each of these lovable seniors are as ready to win over your heart as they are to win the big game.

Don’t miss out on our Pre-Game Pawty at Community Beer Co. on Sunday, February 11 from 3-6pm, where you can meet some of our adoptable senior pets!

Check out the team’s profiles below!

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Age: 9

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Flora may be 9 years old, but her feline agility and grace are unmatched. With a purr that’s as soothing as a post-game victory chant, Flora is ready to lead her team to victory and hopes to score her forever home with an adoring fan.

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Age: 8

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Weight: 54 lbs

Species: Mixed Breed

Cotton is the ultimate lapdog, who’s ready to score all the cuddles with her winning personality. Her favorite game day snacks are chicken-flavored treats and anything peanut butter! This laid-back gal is the perfect teammate for anyone seeking a fellow couch companion.

DPA Senior Bowl PT 1080w1080t3


Age: 8

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Weight: 47 lbs

Species: Husky, Alaskan/Mix

Meet Shelby, the husky with a heart as big as the championship trophy! This senior sweetheart loves to channel her inner sled dog, pulling at your heartstrings with her big puppy-like eyes and a howl that could rival any touchdown cheer.

DPA Senior Bowl PT 1080w1080t6


Age: 8

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Weight: 75 lbs

Species: Retriever, Black Labrador/Mix

Get ready to fall in love with Sullivan, a charming and handsome pup with a smile that could light up the whole stadium. While he could use a little pep talk to help him blossom into a more confident canine, he is naturally affectionate and gets along well with other dogs.

DPA Senior Bowl PT 1080w1080t7


Age: 10

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Weight: 13 lbs

Species: Maltese/Mixed Breed

At 10 years young, Margo is the perfect blend of sophistication and spunk. She’s a sociable little lady who enjoys the company of both her 2- and 4-legged teammates. Margo may be small in size, but her love for affection is larger than life!

DPA Senior Bowl PT 1080w1080t4


Age: 9

Sex: Male

Size: Extra Large

Weight: 100+ lbs

Species: Great Dane

Mucca is a gentle giant, currently in treatment to regain strength in his rear legs. With each step of his physical therapy journey, Mucca inspires everyone around him with his resilience and spirit. While Mucca works hard every day to get stronger and healthier, he will soon be searching for his lifelong teammates and a forever home to call his own.

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Age: 10

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Species: Beagle/Mixed Breed

At 10 years old, Stella may be past her touchdown-chasing days, but her gentle demeanor and loving heart make her a winner in every way. She’s the ultimate companion for anyone seeking a laid-back teammate to share life’s peaceful moments. Although currently in treatment and getting healthier every day, Stella will soon be looking forward to scoring big when she finds her new forever family!

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Age: 12

Sex: Female

Size: Large

Weight: 67 lbs

Species: Chow Chow/Mixed Breed

As a 12-year-old hospice pup, Stevie Nicks may not be rocking out on stage like her namesake, but she’s certainly a star in her own right. Despite the challenges she’s faced, her spirit remains unshakeable and she continues to enjoy walks around the block with her foster mom and canine teammates, followed by a good cuddle or a long relaxing snooze!

DPA Senior Bowl GO 2 1080w1080t

Check Out the Competition: Team Golden Oldies

Our Prime Timers will be hard to beat, but it’ll be a close game with the Golden Oldies as the opposing team! You might catch them snoozing through the halftime show, but they’d rather be snoozing on your lap: Alfred, Smokey Joe, Sunday, Bud, Finn, Phil, Rudolph, and Izzy.

Check out their team stats here!

Let the countdown for our Senior Bowl 2024 MVP begin — Click Here to VOTE NOW!

Inspired to help? Dallas Pets Alive! is always looking for team players.

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