The Baldwin Family Urgent Medical Care Fund

Help DPA Say "YES!"

Every day, sick, injured and homeless pets are rescued by Dallas Pets Alive! They come in all breeds, sizes and colors. But one thing they all have in common is they need us in their corner to fight for them and ensure they will never have to feel pain again.

Most pets that come into our care have medical issues so severe that shelters don’t have the capacity to care for them. More than a 1⁄3 of the animals DPA helps are considered Major Medical Cases ($1,000 or more in medical expenses).

In 2021 we spent a total of $255,000 on medical treatment for animals from basic vaccinations to heartworm treatment to major surgeries.

In honor of our 10th anniversary this year, long-time DPA supporters and advocates, Amy and Peter Baldwin, have stepped forward to launch The Baldwin Family Urgent Medical Care Fund so DPA can say YES to more
animals with urgent medical needs.

The goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of the year. Amy and Peter have very generously given a $20,000 match to encourage others to give to this most critical need.

Please help Amy and Peter build this fund for medical emergencies so that no treatable animal will go uncared for because we lack the funds to say “YES!”

Stella (fka Sparrow) – $1,043

Sassy Little Sparrow was found as an injured stray kitten and taken to a local shelter where they found her front left leg was broken. Splinted and braced, they hoped her leg would heal without orthopedic surgery. Unfortunately, later x-rays revealed that the bone was softened and amputation was the best option for her to have a pain-free life.

Sparrow underwent surgery to remove her painful leg and never looked back. She was still a playful and cuddly girl who enjoyed all the usual kitten antics as a “tripawd”. Adopted by our medical director’s family in Massachusetts, Sparrow was transported by volunteer flight attendants though the Southwest Airlines Transportation Team from TX to MA.

Sparrow became Stella and is all grown up now. Stella is as sassy and spunky and sweet as ever!

Fitzgerald – $4,770

Little Fitzgerald, a three year old stray was rescued from a local shelter with an injury to his paw and a heart murmur. DPA’s vet partner diagnosed Fitz with a rare congenital heart defect. They tried several procedures locally but found that his condition required a very expensive, specialized surgical correction, ongoing medication, treatment, and (of course) lots of love from  his foster and furever families.

Fortunately, after traveling to LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine for more tests, Fitz was approved to receive his life-saving surgery. Today, Fitz is a quiet little guy who loves to snuggle with his hoomans all day and all night. Sometimes he hides his squeaky toys under their sheets.

And oh, yeah, Fitz is an international traveler as he and his furevers moved to London!

Georgia – $3,260

Sweet Georgia, a stray on the Dallas streets, was blind and heartworm positive. The shelter listed her as “rescue only” because of her medical needs. DPA fosters saw her listed as “urgent” on DPA’s Facebook page so Georgia walked out of the shelter and into their loving arms.

Besides the heartworms and the blindness caused by glaucoma, Georgia had pyometra, a severe uterine infection that required emergency surgery. One by one, her medical issues were dealt with. Finally it was decided the only way to resolve the migraine-like pain from the glaucoma, was to remove her diseased eyes. With the pain gone, sweet loving Georgia blossomed into an even happier dog.

Georgia lives happily in Washington state with her loving adopted canine siblings and hoomans.

Help DPA Say "YES!"