Dallas Pets Alive! is honored to have support from community members, businesses, and organizations who are committed to helping homeless pets.

Create a personal fundraiser on facebook

Have a birthday, wedding, or other celebration coming up? Set up a Facebook Fundraiser instead of asking for gifts. (Honestly, do you really need or want another pair of socks?)

Next, invite your friends and family to donate, and keep them posted on your progress. They get a tax deduction and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped us save more of North Texas’ homeless pets!

We know you might feel awkward asking for money, so don’t be afraid to tell your story and share your compassion for our cause. You’re standing up for homeless animals in North Texas and rallying others to join you, so be creative!

Maybe you adopted a pet from DPA: Share the story about how they have changed your life. Use photos or videos of them in your pleas. Or, maybe you just love animals and want to support an organization working to save homeless pets. Communicate why this cause is important to you. Feel inspired to share DPA’s videos, photos, and happy tails stories. The ideas are endless!

Host a fundraising event

Hosting a fundraising event for Dallas Pets Alive! is an enjoyable and rewarding way to help our community’s homeless animals and support our efforts to make North Texas No-Kill. Please review our third-party fundraising event guidelines. Submit an Event Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to your proposed event date, and one of our volunteers will contact you.

Questions? Contact us at

More ways to give