What is a Foster Home?

A foster home is a temporary living situation for pets in our program while they are awaiting adoption. Foster families provide shelter, food, care and love. The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their homes and hearts to foster them.

Why Foster?

Because we do not have a shelter facility, the only way that we can save these animals is with the help of foster homes. Being a pet foster family Foster Collage
has rewards beyond the essential value of helping a pet in need find a new home. For some, it’s a chance to have an animal companion without a lifetime commitment, or to try new companions for an existing pet.

For others, it’s the special challenge of helping an animal recover from an illness or injury, the trauma of losing a beloved owner or home, or to overcome a behavioral issue. Sometimes it’s the joy of giving extra TLC to kittens and puppies too young to be adopted.

How Long Can I Expect to Foster a Pet?

The length of time a pet stays in foster depends on their age, health and how quickly they can be adopted. Some pets will need more time because of age, illness, injury or behavior issues. Keep in mind, there is no way to tell how the animal will act once outside the shelter. This could also effect the length of time the animal requires to find a forever home.

What are the Responsibilities of a Foster Family?

  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment
  • Provide food, water, litter, toys/enrichment and shelter
  • Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate
  • Monitor medical and/or behavioral problems
  • Transport to/from any necessary vet appointments
  • Transport to/from offsite adoption events

Fill Out a Foster Application Online

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Help us care for our adoptable pets by providing funds for their care. Below are suggested donation amounts corresponding to specific needs.

$10 – Microchip
$25 – Heartworm test
$50 – Puppy vaccinations
$75 – Spay/neuter one pet
$100 – One day of parvovirus treatment
$300 – Heartworm treatment
$500 – One month of behavioral training


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