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Fall 2023 brought the story of a four-month-old Great Pyrenees pup named Grayson, shedding light on the impact of compassion and community support. Struck down by a car and left with severe injuries that threatened his very future, Grayson’s journey from the brink of despair to a joyful new beginning illustrates just how important Dallas Pets Alive’s work is to animals welfare in North Texas.

Upon arrival at the shelter, Grayson was in dire condition. His front limbs were virtually immobile, a stark contrast to his still active rear legs. The initial prognosis was grim: bilateral scapular (shoulder blade) fractures, additional leg and spine injuries, and lung trauma. On top of everything, the shelter did not have the space or capacity to treat such a severe case, so they began the search for an emergency foster. Despite these daunting challenges, Grayson displayed an indomitable will to survive, mirrored by the immediate outpouring of support from the community and the medical team dedicated to his recovery.

Jenay Bennett, a seasoned foster with Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) and full-time employee at the Adoption Container, became Grayson’s guilding light. She had already fostered over 50 animals before he came into her life. Drawn to his plight through an urgent foster plea on Facebook and her love for Great Pyrenees dogs, she did not hesitate to rush to his aid.

“When I met him, he was rolled out to my car in a cart. He could not walk, and he still had his catheter in because we were rushing him straight to the vet,” Jenay said.

Grayson 2 1

Grayson’s early days in Jenay’s care were filled with pain and uncertainty. He spent weeks lying in bed before he was able to take his first steps. However, his spirits remained high due to the stellar care Jenay and her family provided — carrying him to and fro for potties, incorporating hydrotherapy, managing weekly vet visits, and so much more for 77 long days. Despite the difficulties, Grayson’s resilience shone through. With each passing day, his charisma began to emerge and he turned into a goofy pup with an unyielding zest for life.

Grayson 3

“The most difficult part of his treatment was having to stay calm and relaxed during his recovery. This was tough for him because he was a puppy and he wanted to explore the world, and have fun! His personality really did not start coming out until week 3 when he was up and moving more,” Jenay said.

The turning point in Grayson’s journey came when x-rays confirmed the healing of his shoulders, marking a significant victory in his road to recovery and taking surgery off the table for now. After nearly three months of care, love, and support from his foster family, medical caregivers, and community donors who collectively covered over $5000 in medical expenses, Grayson found his forever home.

The story of how his adoptive dad found him is equally heartwarming. One day while Jenay worked, Grayson wandered around the Adoption Container, greeting visitors and making new friends. A group of friends met Grayson, learned his remarkable story, and instantly fell in love with him. They shared their encounter with Mike, who couldn’t resist the allure of this mighty dog.

“He applied and we were connected within the next day or so,” Jenay said. “Mike was everything that I could hope and wish for when I thought about Grayson’s future home. We had a meet and greet at his home with his roommates and their dogs. It was a match made in heaven. He is so committed to Grayson’s future care with his previous injuries.”

Dallas Pets Alive adopted pet Grayson/Dewy

Dewy’s story is more than a tale of survival; it is a celebration of life, highlighting the extraordinary outcomes that arise from acts of kindness. From a stray headed toward euthanasia, to a cherished family member, Dewy’s journey inspires all who believe in second chances and reminds us of the special relationship humans and their four-legged companions share. Through the dedication of individuals like Jenay and the community’s collective support, Dallas Pets Alive! is able to create happy endings like Dewy’s again and again. It reminds us that while the road to recovery can be long and fraught with challenges, the destination — a place of warmth and affection — makes every step worth taking.

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