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As the Independence Day approaches, many of us are looking forward to celebrating with family, barbecues, and fireworks. Although it’s a joyful occasion for us, it can be difficult to have a pet-friendly July Fourth. The Fourth of July sees more lost pets than any other day of the year, with shelters reporting a 30-60% spike in intakes in the days surrounding the holiday. Even firework residue and certain picnic foods are potential pet hazards.

To ensure a safe celebration for both people and animals, we’ve compiled a list of pet-friendly July Fourth activities that will keep boom-induced stress to a minimum. No matter what you choose, always remember to leash or enclose your beloved pets outdoors!

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Pet-Friendly July Fourth Activities

🌭 Homemade Pet Treats Session 🌭

Treat your pets to a delicious homemade snack. Try adoptable Jessie’s delicious Hawt Dog Recipe. Not only will your pets love the taste, but also cooking together is a fantastic bonding experience.

🏡 Interactive Toys 🏡

Engage your pets with a range of interactive toys or games. Puzzle toys are perfect for stimulating their minds, especially for indoor-only animals. For some DIY fun, create a pet playground inspired by adoptable Bean’s cardboard house using simple items like boxes, paper bags, and feather toys.

🎵 Calming Music or White Noise 🎵

Create a serene environment with calming music or white noise. Check out DPA’s soothing Spotify playlists specifically designed to ease your pet’s anxiety. This can help drown out the noise from any distant fireworks and keep your pets relaxed.

🐾 Pet Playdates 🐾

Organize a pet playdate! Watch adoptable Dixie Rae play with her foster sibling and see how much fun your pets can have together. A well-supervised playdate can be an excellent way for pets to socialize, burn off some energy, and have a pet-friendly July Fourth to remember.

🎬 Movie Marathon 🎬

Host a pet-friendly July Fourth movie marathon! This is one of Sweetie’s favorite hobbies. Choose a selection of animal-themed movies and snuggle up with your pets for a cozy night in. This is a great way to stay indoors and keep your pets calm and comfortable.

👃 Scent Work Activities 👃

Engage your pet’s sense of smell with scent work challenges and games. Hide treats around the house and let your pets use their noses to find them. This is a great mental exercise for dogs and cats alike, keeping them engaged and happy. Adoptable Astro can’t wait to give scent work a try!

📚 Story Time 📚

Have a relaxing story time with your best fur-riends. Read out loud from a pet-themed book or simply talk to them in a soothing voice. Your pets will enjoy the attention and feel more secure with you nearby. Cici, who has been attending our reading-focused adoption events, is looking for her forever reading buddy — could it be you?

🏠 Indoor Agility Course 🏠

Set up an indoor agility course using household items like chairs, cushions, and tunnels. It’s a fun way to keep your pets active indoors, especially on loud holidays or during bad weather. Young and energetic pets like Laurel Oak will thoroughly appreciate a homemade obstacle course!

By focusing on these pet-friendly July Fourth activities, you can ensure that both you and your animals have a stress-free and memorable Independence Day. Remember, small changes can make a big difference in your pet’s comfort and happiness.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Dallas Pets Alive!

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