Astro III

Age: Young
Breed: Mixed Breed (Medium)
Gender: Male

Meet Astro III!

Introducing the adorable and lively one-year-old Astro, a charming canine companion with a heart as big as his cute appearance. With a coat that is a delightful blend of white and tan, this pocket-sized pittie is a visual treat and a bundle of joy.

Weighing in at a compact 51 pounds, he’s the perfect size to be your on-the-go partner in adventures. His high energy levels make him an excellent running or hiking buddy, always ready for the next outdoor escapade. Whether it’s a morning jog through the neighborhood or a weekend hike in the mountains, he’ll be right by your side, wagging his tail and radiating enthusiasm.

This little pittie is not just about physical activity; he has a heart full of love to share. Extremely affectionate, he craves human attention and thrives on cuddles and belly rubs. His loving nature makes him an ideal companion for families and individuals alike, creating an instant connection with everyone he meets.

A quick learner, he’s eager to please and responds well to training. His food motivation makes him an eager student, always ready to show off his latest tricks in exchange for a tasty treat. Enrichment activities are his jam, keeping his intelligent mind engaged and entertained.

When it’s time to wind down, you’ll find him contentedly relaxing in his crate. His well-behaved demeanor and ability to stay comfortably in his crate make him a joy to have at home. This lovable pittie brings a perfect blend of energy, affection, and intelligence into your life, making every moment together a heartwarming experience. Get ready for a lifetime of adventures and love with this white and tan pocket pittie who stole your heart from day one!

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