Senior Bowl 2024: Meet Team GOLDEN OLDIES

Welcome, gridiron fans, animal lovers, and Swifties alike, to the most tail-waggin’, ear-scratching event of the year – the Senior Bowl 2024! As we gear up for Super Bowl LVIII, let’s turn the spotlight on the rescue game veterans seeking that all-important lifetime contract.

Today, we’re not just talking about your average pets; these are the fur-flying legends who’ve been dodging the shelter sidelines, ready to sprint straight into your heart and home. But which player will take home the coveted title of Most Valuable Pet? Your vote decides!

That’s right, fans, only YOU have the power to choose who wins the Senior Bowl 2024!

How the Senior Bowl Voting Works

Starting February 4 and ending February 11, 2024, Vote For Your Favorite Senior Pet and help them lead their team to victory! Voting is unlimited, so make sure to visit our TikTok and Instagram to vote and share with friends. Voting ends at midnight on Super Bowl Sunday. The pet with the most votes will be crowned MVP and win the Senior Bowl 2024 for their team.

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Meet the Players: Team Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies are bringing their A-game: We’re talking about Alfred, Smokey Joe, Sunday, Bud, Finn, Phil, Rudolph, and Izzy – each a furry free agent with more love than a touchdown dance in overtime.

Swing by Community Beer Co. on Sunday, February 11 from 3-6pm for a Pre-Game Pawty, where you can meet the adoptable senior pets!

Check out their profiles below!

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Age: 12

Sex: Male

Size: Small

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Alfred may be low energy, but don’t underestimate this sweet boy’s ability to cuddle his way into your family. Not only is he a litter-trained gentleman, but he’s also a sassy best friend who is always open to meow about your day. 

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Age: 11

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Weight: 55 lbs

Species: Shepherd, German/Chow Chow

Talk about a champ you want on your team! Abandoned twice in the past few years, this active senior loves his daily walks and naps. He’s also great with people, cats, and dogs. Smokey Joe is eager to be your constant companion and show his courageous spirit.

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Age: 9

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Weight: 41 lbs

Species: Bulldog

Sunday is a resilient senior gal who has tackled life’s many hurdles with her one-of-a-kind personality. Her determination to overcome her challenges is as fierce as her game-winning drive! Sunday is eager to find her forever home where she can continue to inspire with her unwavering bravery.

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Age: 9

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Weight: 46 lbs

Species: Retriever/Labrador Mix

Bud is the embodiment of the classic comeback story. He’s the dog next door who faced some critical injuries but never lost his stride. After his recovery, he’s got a bright future ahead of him, and only needs a special team to ensure his next victory. 

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Age: 10

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Weight: 31 lbs

Species: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This former military pup is the Tom Brady of his generation. He might have limited use of his back legs, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bench warmer. He’s even got his own wheels! He’s able to control his potties, and loves a good game of tug, so let him show you how he tackles anything life throws at him! 

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Age: 8

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Weight: 82 lbs

Species: Shepherd, Anatolian/Mastiff

Phil is the type of leader every team is scouting for. He’s got the goofy, playful, cuddly nature of a puppy as well as the kennel manners and leash skills of a seasoned pro. This people-oriented, Texas-sized sweetie is the perfect match for active, outdoor-lovers! 

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Age: 10

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Weight: 23 lbs

Species: Chihuahua/Terrier

Talk about a player who’s in mint condition! Though Rudolph has endured a rocky past, he doesn’t let it affect his sportsmanship. He likes cats, dogs, and kids. He’s also an avid cuddler, quiet, gentle, and well-trained — making him an ideal first draft pick for your team. 

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Age: 10

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Weight: 58 lbs

Species: Mixed Breed

Izzy is a valiant player who’s tackled neglect and illness with unwavering spirit. This head-pets enthusiast may need assistance in the mobility department, but her determination is solid gold! She’s looking for a dedicated coach to guide her to the end zone of a loving home.

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Check Out the Competition: Team Prime Timers

Here to give them a run for their money are the Prime Timers! Coming straight out of retirement to secure that spot on your couch is: Flora, Cotton, Shelby, Sullivan, Margo, Mucca, Stella, and Stevie Nicks.

Check out their team stats here!

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Inspired to help? Dallas Pets Alive! is always looking for team players.

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