Sally V

Age: Baby
Breed: Retriever, Black Labrador/Mix
Gender: Female

Meet Sally V!

Not to say Sally is an influencer just yet, but she her irresistible personality is starting to gain her a bit of a following on TikTok. Truth is, she’d almost prefer to be a follower sometimes rather than a girl in the spotlight.

Sally, still a few months from her first birthday, may be growing in size, but she still has the behaviors of a pup who’s learning to be her best self. In fact, she’s just finished her good-pup training. She would likely do well in a home with an older dog to teach her how to grow up and be a good adult dog. She’s happy to use her crate, and even more happy to leave it in the morning (cue her morning happy dance). She’s house broken and she’s working on her leash skills, too.

She hasn’t spent much time around kids or felines, but she is motivated to please, so easy introductions may help her adjust to a variety of environments and people. She can still be a little nervous in new situations and may need some encouragement to be fulling trusting.

She’s a girl with a moderate energy level and is equal parts impetuous and anxious depending on each new life experience. She loves to give and receive affection, but she likely will need to be reminded that she’s a bit big to be a lap dog, despite what she thinks.

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