DPA’s Pawsome People: June 2019 Board Member Spotlight

“DPA is lucky to have Peter Baldwin and his family as one of our most long time donors and supporters. Peter challenges and supports our board discussion with well-thought out and purposeful questions and considerations. I value and appreciate his perspective on our non-profit business. Peter and his wife, Amy, lead by example and truly are one of the most compassionate and giving couples in the DPA! family. We would not be where we are today without the Baldwins.” -Leslie Sans, DPA!’s Executive Director

That’s some of the many reasons why Peter and his family are a DPA Pawsome Person! Learn more about them below:
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Name and if you hold a title on the BOD what is that?

Peter Baldwin

Why were you drawn to serving as a board member for DPA?

My wife, Amy, and I were first introduced to DPA a number of years ago, shortly after we learned firsthand how hard it is to find a good home for a good pet. During this process we spoke to a number of organizations, and quickly learned what a huge issue this was here in Dallas. Once we learned how much DPA was doing to help, we quickly began giving financial support, and I was very thankful for the opportunity to add additional help where I could as a board member.

How have you supported DPA’s mission and helped us to accomplish our life saving goals?

Most of our support has come in the way of financial donations, but I also do my best to recruit as many of my friends, family, and colleagues as I can to donate, foster, and/or adopt.

Why do you think our mission matters?

Simply, because animals matter. While I am partial to dogs, I think all animals, when cared for, have an incredible ability to make everything around them better. They can bring happiness to people that have trouble finding it, and pet owners tend to be healthier, and live longer. I think all these companions should have a chance to live and make others better.

What is one of the most rewarding experiences you have serving or volunteering with DPA?

My favorite thing is seeing pictures of the animals that DPA has helped save with their new families. I’ve seen a TON of them, and they never get old.

How does your professional career (or other skill set) make you an asset to the BOD?

As a private equity investor, I have had the chance to learn the right ways to help grow companies by thinking and acting strategically to build on long term visions. I’ve also seen a number of the pitfalls and risks companies tend to run into. I think this experience can certainly be applied to DPA as it continues to grow.

What is your vision for DPA?

As DPA nears its original goal of making Dallas a no-kill city, the mission only gets harder, and I truly believe DPA is up to the task. I expect the leaders of DPA to continue growing the organization by expanding its footprint and continuing to expand and improve their services. I see the organization growing into other neighboring communities to increase the number of lives they can save, and I expect them to continue to add to and strengthen their already incredible team.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am continually blown away by the amazing things that DPA is able to accomplish.  It is incredible to see how far our city has come to becoming no-kill, and this wouldn’t be the case without DPA and its volunteers.  There is never a challenge too big for them, and I feel so lucky to be associated with such a great group of motivated and generous people.

If you are interested in learning more about DPA!’s Board please click here and if you would like to learn more how you can come a volunteer click here.

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