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Thursday, September 14th from 3PM – 8PM 

Meet Gonzo!  Long and lean, Gonzo is a shepherd/husky mix, but strolls like a giraffe. He can be shy upon first meeting, but his polite personality makes him a gentle giant. He is tall, so he might accidentally bump into little ones. His big ears and gentle eyes also help give him a sleek and sweet appearance. Gonzo responds to commands beautifully. He’ll climb into his crate on command, he plays well with other dogs, behaves while on his leash, and happily sits in the back seat of the car when going for a ride. 

He will bring love and happiness to any family, especially if they join him in a game of tug or fetch. Due to his excellent behavior, Gonzo would enjoy life in a big home, a comfortable apartment, or by your side on the couch.

See more about Gonzo here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/gonzo/


Meet Belly! Belly is about 3.5 years old and as sweet as can be. She is great on leash and good with other dogs. This goofy girl is full husky, and full of fun. She is well-mannered and cute as can be. She is a lover to all, but mostly her tennis balls!

See more about Belly here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/belly/


Meet Lark! Gentle, quiet, and well behaved, Lark is a sweet 4 year old female who has been waiting so patiently for the forever family she deserves. 

She is kennel trained and well-mannered, and she is very smart, catching on quickly to new instructions. She loves treats and takes them ever so daintily from your hands.  She likes other dogs and all people. Her favorite activities are getting belly rubs and cuddles and giving kisses. She is medium to low activity level. She does enjoy a good walk and playing with squeaky toys, but mostly she is content to sit calmly by your side.  Lark would be the perfect couch potato buddy for TV watching and lazy weekend days.

See more about Lark here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/lark-ii/

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Friday, September 15th from 3PM – 8PM 

Meet Bonnie! Bonnie loves rolling in the grass even more than playing with toys – she’s a girl content with the simple things in life. Found as a stray, this ten-year-old spaniel is about as sweet and gentle as they come. She’s proven herself to enjoy the company of other dogs and children, and makes cuddles and loving a highlight of her life. Easing into her senior years, she’s content to take it easy, but still has a lot of love to give. She might enjoy an apartment with a sunny balcony, a home with another dog, or even a cozy rug in front of a fireplace where she can unwind, as long as she can enjoy her grassy spot every day, too.

See more about Bonnie here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/bonnie-vii/


Saturday, September 16th 12pm-7pm CATURDAY

Meet Horatio Nelson!

This little cutie is 4 months old and he had a rough start life. Why you ask? Well this baby is a tripod! He had to have his leg removed at the shelter due to his hard life before. Fortunately, that has not stopped him and he is healed up and a sweetie. 

See more about HN here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: email adopt@dallaspetsalive.org


Meet Princess Consuela!Adventurous, curious, and independent – that’s our little Princess Consuela!  

This little explorer will set out on a voyage to every nook and cranny of your home! She’s also getting braver in her exploration to find out what people are all about, too! She’s learning to accept pets and has discovered that pawing and playing with humans is pretty fun! As a former stray and young kitten, it’s all very new and all very fascinating!  Princess is litter box trained and has no behavioral issues. She’s active and playful. She is good with other cats and thinks dogs behind a baby gate are pretty interesting, too! Ideally her forever home will come with a cat pal!

See more about Princess here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/princess-consuela/


Meet Bing!

Say hello to Bing! He’s a curious little guy who’s only a couple of months old and would love for his forever home to include another cat and a family that will shower him with attention.

Bing knows the litter box and gets along with other cats and dogs. He’s typically playful and curious and quite the acrobat, according to his foster mom. He also has adorable white markings and an irresistible face.

See more about Bing here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/bing/


Meet Margaret!

Margaret exudes perfect kitten energy! At five months old, this kitten has mastered the basic. Litterbox? Good. Traveling in her carrier? Good. Playing with toys? Very good! She is an energetic girl and will play and play and play and nap and play and play and then maybe make time for another nap. She’s been living with her litter mate, but she’s also lived with a family proving that she can get along well with all ages. There’s also two big dogs in her foster home and they all get along swimmingly. Have we mentioned she likes to play? Anything she can pick up can be a toy in her little world.

Margaret can also be a chatty girl. There’s nothing like coming home and hearing her meow with happiness to see you. She’ll also strike up a happy conversation when she wakes up and sees you. She’s the perfect little house panther for any home looking to add some kitty fun.

See more about Margaret here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/margaret/


Meet Mordecai!Here is the “goodest lil kitty” Mordecai! He is growing fast, and a really quick learner!  When he is not snuggling in your shoes,or taking a “cat nap”-he is a frisky fella, playing with his litter mate, or two big dogs in his foster home. He has bursts of energy, mixed in with rest inbetween. 

Mordecai can use the litter box, travels in a carrier just fine , and is your own personal “greeter” when you come home, by chattering or meowing; esp when wanting attention, to be fed, as well.  Mordecai will thrive-no matter what type of home he gets adopted into, and will be a fantastic sibling to another dog or cat, who are equally as friendly and welcoming!

See more about Mordecai here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/margaret/


Sunday, September 17th from 10:30AM – 4PM 

Meet Molly Brown!

Like her namesake, nothing can keep this sweet girl down. Her foster mom says Molly is absolutely darling and only wants love and affection…she even gives hugs and kisses!

Molly gets along well with cats and kids, but not sure about dogs just yet. She loves her people so much that if they smack their lips, she’ll give them a kiss on the nose! She loves going to work with her foster mom where she knows to be a good girl, and she loves going to an open field to run to her heart’s content. As for skills, she walks well on a leash and is housetrained! Molly is everything anyone could want in a pup. The ideal home for Molly is with a family who will let her fully be a part of the family. She wants all the snuggles, affection, you name it.

See more about Molly Brown here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/belly/


Meet Peppy! His foster family would describe him as a perpetually happy, bubbly dog to whom no one is a stranger. He loves to play fetch and tug-of-war with his ropes, squeakies, bells, and bones. Peppy was a staff favorite while he stayed at Mesquite Animal Services, because this friendly boy gets along with everyone. He does well with other dogs and seems to understand when they do and don’t want to play.

See more about Peppy here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/peppy-ii/


Meet Jessie!This total sweetheart would be the happiest addition to a loving family. With a pup like this to cuddle with, you can be sure you’ll have an excellent companion for family movie nights or Netflix binge-sessions. As she gets excited and noisy while out on a daily walk, a bit more leash training and patience would be needed. This girl LOVES her food, so it’s the most effective thing to use as a reward in training. Her favorites are frozen peanut butter treats and chewy bones! 

See more about Jessie here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/jessie-iii/


Meet Margo! Margo is a Maltese mix lady who is both house and crate trained. She may be a sophisticated gal, but she still has great energy and enthusiasm! She has been good with other dogs so far – she just asks for a little personal space if they’re a bit too much.  Margo loves people! She’s a sociable little lady who will greet you with a smile. Really! Her smile is one of our favorite things about her. She’s always happy and loves loves loves pets and cuddles. 

Sweet Margo was abandoned at a motel. She’s not asking for much – just a happy home of any size with someone who will love her dearly!

See more about Margo here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/margo-ii/


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Thanks to Texadia Systems, patrons can search and be matched with foster pets that cannot attend events so they, too, can get exposure to potential adopters! Come into the Adoption Container to find your perfect match! 

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