11/10 – 11/12 Fosters @ The Container

Ready to meet some adoptable pups this weekend? Head over to our adoption container located at Community Beer Co., 3110 Commonwealth Drive in Dallas.

Friday, November 10th 3pm-8pm 

Meet Lark! Gentle, quiet, and well behaved, Lark is a sweet 4 year old female who has been waiting so patiently for the forever family she deserves. 

She is kennel trained and well-mannered, and she is very smart, catching on quickly to new instructions. She loves treats and takes them ever so daintily from your hands.  She likes other dogs and all people. Her favorite activities are getting belly rubs and cuddles and giving kisses. She is medium to low activity level. She does enjoy a good walk and playing with squeaky toys, but mostly she is content to sit calmly by your side.  Lark would be the perfect couch potato buddy for TV watching and lazy weekend days.

See more about Lark here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/lark-ii/

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Meet Clover! At first glance you might think Clover is all beauty – but this girl has some brains too! A stunning husky mix that knows basic commands and adores other dogs. She had a #ruff start, but does not let that stop her. Being an adult, she is the perfect balance of calm and fun.
See more about Clover here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/clover-iv/


Meet Chai! Chai is a beautiful strawberry blonde lab/mixed puppy who loves to snuggle. In fact, her foster says she is a professional human cuddler and she’s only 3 months old! Chai loves to play! She loves toys and interaction with other dogs or people. She is good with other dogs and kids, and Chai is already crate trained! 
See more about Chai here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/chai/


Saturday, November 11th 12pm-7pm 

Meet Ripley! With the weather so nice, Ripley is loving outside time with her foster family. She is a bundle of energy and gets lots of enrichment along with a nice walk in the evening. Ripley is great with large dogs with an adorable play style!

Her special skills include:
– Crate Trained
– Potty Trained 

Her affection for her humans shines through brightly. She’s always wearing a wagging tail and brimming with joy at their presence. She has been around older kids (7 and 11) and enjoys bonding with them! Want to meet this happy wiggly girl? Submit an application!

See more about Ripley here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/ripley-iv/


Meet Faye!

Hey there, I’m Faye, the bouncy bundle of joy you’ve been searching for! Woof! I’m 2 years old and a perfect 56 pounds of pure love and energy. I’m here to tell you all about my awesome self and why I’d be the paw-some addition to your family. First things first, I’m a social butterfly, and I’ve got an A+ rating when it comes to making furry friends. I’m great with all dogs, and I’m always up for a rowdy playtime. Whether it’s romping around in the yard, or playing with all the toys I can find, I’m in! Now, let’s talk about cats. I’m curious about them, but I promise not to cause any trouble. I’ll disengage and play nearby without causing any fuss. Cats and I can peacefully coexist, and who knows, we might even become best buds.

See more about Faye here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/faye/


Meet Cocoa Puff!This little baby had a #ruff start to life with a food deformity causing him issues walking. Fortunately thanks to the amazing DPA medical team, our vet partners, and a fabulous medical foster he is on the right track to a normal future! He is only 4 months old and already nailing potty training and crate training. He LOVES everyone he meets and is very social. He even has older foster dog siblings he looks up to and loves. He is a goofy guy and doesn’t let his previous injury/deformity stop him from having fun. Ready to snuggle up with a Cocoa Puff?

See more about Cocoa Puff here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/cocoa-puff/


Sunday, November 12th 10:30AM – 3 PM 

Meet Cleo! Looking for some puppy love? Look no further than Ms. Cleo! Cleo is a 7-month, 50-pound, hound mix who is looking for her forever playmates! 

Cleo is a sweet and playful young dog. She has the bounciness and goofiness of a puppy, but the sweet and calm nature of an older dog! She is a quick learner and eager to learn new tricks – she mastered sit, down, and shake in no time! If you have a snack to offer, she’s all in. Cleo loves to play with her toys, chew bones, and go for walks, especially to patios where they give her pup-cups and pets! She is the perfect work-from-home partner and can’t wait to cuddle up in her favorite bed. She’s a puddle of love that can’t wait to meet you. Apply today! Cleo is dog friendly, house-trained, crate-trained, and medically up-to-date. If you want to see her adventures with her foster family, check them out on Instagram @dex_and_friendz

See more about Cleo here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/cleo-vii/


Meet Ryan!

Meet Ryan, everyone’s favorite boy next door! Ryan is a super cuddly snuggle bear. He’s a perfect little companion and loves to be by your side all the time. He has beautiful blue eyes and adorable stand-up ears. Ryan is good with dogs, cats, and kids! He enjoys rough-housing with with dog pals, but is also content to play alone with chew toys. He has a healthy medium-to-high energy level and loves to run. He’s a quick learner, too! He’s well on his way to mastering house and crate training and sleeps in his crate each night. No accidents if taken outside regularly! His foster mom calls him “exceptionally well-behaved for a puppy. He’s eager to please and will do just about anything for love!

See more about Ryan here, available through Dallas Pets Alive: https://dallaspetsalive.org/pet/ryan/


Visit us during opening hours at our Adoption Container powered by Cuddly:

This weekend:

Friday: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday: 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM (closing early)

Want to meet a pet who is not at the Container? 


Thanks to Texadia Systems, patrons can search and be matched with foster pets that cannot attend events so they, too, can get exposure to potential adopters! Come into the Adoption Container to find your perfect match! 

**If you would like more photos to choose from, you can save their photos from their adoption profile on our website!

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