Statement Regarding the Incident at Klyde Warren Park

Statement Regarding the Incident at Klyde Warren Park
We are aware of the incident that happened over the weekend and have been working closely with authorities (a police report was filed and we are awaiting a copy of the report at this time) and the family involved so we can gain a full understanding of what took place. Our first priority always is the safety of potential adopters and children who attend our events.

All of our adoptable animals have been thoroughly vetted prior to attending adoption events or being adopted out. We are a volunteer-based organization and all of our rescue animals live with foster families across North Texas.

We are currently in the process of reviewing what happened and cannot share additional details until our investigation is complete. This was an isolated incident and we are reviewing all of the factors at play to prevent this from happening again.

We appreciate your patience and will share more information once the investigation is complete. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Better get your adoption event procedures and protocols reevaluated. Including waivers and other legal addressed compliance particular to the state of Texas.
    The fact is, any dog is capable of unpredictable actions/reactions even under close supervision.
    It’s their physiological capabilities that take a priority, not specifically the breed on to itself.
    Any form of open boarding or display runs a risk, especially in an environment(numerous factors) that’s prone to excite certain instincts in canines.
    In my forty five years of K9 experience, all my personal dogs have been rescues.
    Bless you all for your efforts and I hope you continue to save our less fortunate animals!


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