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As the end of 2023 approaches, we are overflowing with gratitude for the support you have provided to animals in North Texas. This year, we spent more than $315,000 in medical treatment for animals in our program and through PASS (Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender)

This year we have seen a tremendous increase in medical costs for our fosters, and a 50% increase in PASS (Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender) inquiries to help keep pets in their homes and out of the shelter. Specifically, we have treated 27 orthopedic cases and have spent $63,872 on these expensive but important surgeries.

DPA does everything in our power to get our pets ready for adoption, and we are able to do that because of dedicated supporters like you. We continue to push ahead in spite of these challenges and save animals. We are so grateful for that, and still need that support going into 2024.

Some of our most dedicated supporters have pledged to match donations up to $35,000. So, your $100 gift becomes $200! (Or your $250 donation becomes $500!) Please make your holiday gift today so we can say “Yes!” when they need us.

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Explore heartwarming holiday tales to share joy and celebrate the impactful efforts at Dallas Pets Alive in rescuing animals.

PASS helped Puppy reunite with her family

Puppy is a sweet, senior gal who started to grow a large mass on her legs. Her owners were so worried about her and wanted to make sure that she was comfortable and well cared for. They thought she would receive better care than what they could provide, and surrendered her to the shelter. One of DPA’s rescue volunteers met Puppy, and could tell she was very loved by her family. He inquired with the shelter staff to see if Puppy’s owners would be interested in being reunited with Puppy if PASS could help with her medical needs. Puppy’s family was thrilled with the idea of being reunited, but were worried about vet visits as they did not have transportation. Another DPA volunteer stepped up to help transport Puppy and her owner to and from our vet partner, Mazie’s Mission. 

The vets at Mazie’s indicated that removing the tumor would be challenging due to the location, but Puppy’s family was committed to the aftercare she needed to heal. Before surgery could be done, Puppy needed to recover from a URI. Once she had recovered, she went in for surgery and the tumor was successfully removed. She had a few follow up visits, but the DPA volunteer was committed to helping Puppy and her family! 

Rescued Pup’s Miracle: A $4,500 Lifesaving Surgery Tale

In May 2023, Windsor, a courageous blue heeler pup, was rescued as a stray with a challenging road to recovery. Initially appearing healthy, a closer examination revealed unexpected issues, including a “minuscule” preputial urethral opening, resulting in a painful prostate and urine retention. On May 9th, Windsor underwent dual urogenital procedures—a neuter and preputial urethrostomy—to alleviate his discomfort.

Later in May, Windsor faced an unforeseen penile amputation due to a persistent urinary tract infection, followed by an additional procedure to address internal bleeding caused by flow resistance. He received post-operative care, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain relief, making impressive progress. In June, Windsor experienced a setback with a single seizure, leading to tests for Distemper and treatment for an old elbow fracture. In late August, he received medical clearance, and was recently adopted!

Healthy Beginnings: Mama and Her Seven Babies Fully Vaccinated

Matzo’s mother, Dumpling, found her way to DAS as a stray, delivering a litter of eight kittens (sadly losing one after a few days). Initially labeled as extremely protective and possibly aggressive at the shelter, Dumpling transformed into a bundle of purrs and love once she was rescued and settled into a foster home. In this nurturing environment, Matzo had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by affection, alongside her seven siblings and their caring mama. $50 covers annual vaccinations, and the entire Dumpling family has received important vaccinations to help keep them healthy! All of the babies have been adopted. Mama Dumpling is currently overcoming some health struggles but will soon be available for adoption!

It’s Been A Year Of Orthopedic Surgeries

Hailey was originally found as a stray puppy. Upon her vet visit, radiographs revealed not only one but TWO dislocated hips. Hailey’s mobility was hindered by her misaligned hip joints due to a congenital disease that developed over time. Hailey underwent two surgeries with a total cost of $3400 to restore her to health. During Hailey’s journey, her foster mom fell in love with her and has decided to adopt her!

We rescue and help the healthy and treatable pets at greatest risk for euthanasia at our partner shelters. We also provide assistance and resources to pet owners having problems so significant that they need to surrender their pets to a shelter. We can’t thank you enough for your support and shared passion for DPA’s mission! We look forward to another year of saving lives together!

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