DPA’s Pawsome People: March 2022 Volunteer Spotlight

Mary is truly a blessing to have in the DPA community. As a volunteer, she is highly committed and responsive, and always dependable. She is a constant cheerleader to our foster community and she always radiates positivity and warmth. She is an amazing dog foster, who isn’t scared of taking on challenging animals. Whether it be an animal that has a long road to recovery medically, or just needs a lot of time to learn to trust, Mary seems to handle them with ease. Foster dog with mobility issues or activity restrictions? Mary is the one out there pulling him around in a wagon. Foster dog that needs a lot of care and follow up? Mary is making sure that the dog is getting exactly the care she needs at the right time.” -Jessica D., DPA’s Medical Director 

DPA! PAWSOME PEOPLE: Mary W. is a DPA! PAWSOME PERSON! Mary’s work as both a foster and a volunteer not only shows her commitment, but also the many ways you can help support companion animals in North Texas. 

What is your current role?

Rescue Admin and Intake Coordinator

How did you get involved with volunteering at DPA?

I began fostering with DPA in July 2017 and in 2019 began volunteering as an Intake Coordinator for the Foster Team. In 2021, I began helping with the Rescue Team auditing the Dogs and Cats “In Needs Albums” for the animals at the Mesquite Animal Shelter, this year I began adding Dogs and Cats into the albums.

What are you most passionate about at DPA?

Fostering and networking animals especially the overlooked ones and medically needy to other DPA fosters.

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA Volunteers?

Fostering truly does save lives! Try it!

Give us a fun fact about you! 

I’m #6 of 7 kids … My mom was known as “The Cat Lady” when I was in elementary school.



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