Calling All Pet Caregivers: DPA and BestyBnB Join Forces to Keep More Pets and Families Connected During Times of Crisis

We all fall on hard times at one point or another — but can you imagine being faced with the impossible choice of deciding to seek life-saving help for yourself if it meant leaving your pet behind? Pets are part of the family, and most pet owners who find themselves in this scenario end up refusing help in their time of need because they are unable to take their pets with them and can’t bear to abandon them. 

BestyBnB has created an innovative solution to this all-too-common issue, utilizing a network of homeless alliances, domestic violence agencies, mental health organizations, and animal welfare organizations by connecting them with vetted pet caregivers who can foster pets temporarily until their owners are back on their feet.

Dallas Pets Alive is excited to be one of BestyBnB’s newest agency partners, effectively bringing the program to North Texas for the first time. We want you to be a part of this incredible journey with us, where pet caregivers will play a vital role in providing a safe haven for these pets — and you can even get paid to do it!

DPA Brings BestyBnB to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro

Dallas Pets Alive has partnered with BestyBnB to further the impact of our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program. This collaboration is designed to extend our mission of keeping pets with their families and out of the shelters, ensuring they remain safe and sound during times of crisis.

PASS is the only program of its kind in North Texas, and we’re leading the way as the first organization partnering with BestyBnB in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our PASS program is all about offering support to individuals facing challenging circumstances, where pets might otherwise be surrendered to shelters. We know that especially during difficult times, pets are often the only source of comfort for their owners, and we want to do everything we can to make sure these animals stay connected with their families. 

By joining forces with BestyBnB, we’re helping to build an extended network of pet caregivers available to families going through challenging situations, making it possible for us to provide even more resources to those in need. This program will ensure that the beloved pets within our community have temporary foster homes available and an opportunity to be reunited with their families when they have a safe and secure environment to do so. 

What is BestyBnB?

BestyBnB is an impact-driven technology platform that connects pet caregivers with pet owners facing dire situations. Founded in Kansas City, Missouri by Andy Bond and Matt Krentz, the platform is expanding within the US, with services now available across multiple states with more than 27 participating agencies and non-profit organizations. With a goal of bridging the gap between animal welfare and social services, the program provides the opportunity for people who are facing homelessness, fleeing from an abuser, undergoing rehab, or recovering from a challenging medical treatment to ensure their pets have a safe place to go until they can be reunited. 

BestyBnB helps Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Houseless Services, and Animal Welfare Agencies secure safe, temporary homes for pets during their owner's time of crisis.

Breaking Down Barriers

Did you know that 50% of abuse survivors who call emergency hotlines for help end up not seeking assistance because they fear what will happen to their pets? Less than 5% of domestic violence shelters can accept pets, and 70% of pets left behind are abused or killed in retaliation. Here in the DFW area, there is only one homeless shelter equipped with a kennel for dogs, leaving many facing devastating decisions during an already challenging time. 

This is the heartbreaking reality of so many in need, as it creates a barrier to those who are hesitant to seek help if it means having to leave their pets behind. Pets are family, and our goal is to break down these barriers and change these statistics for the better, preventing more owners from surrendering their pets during times of crisis.

A Real-Life Success Story: Daisy’s Journey

Daisy’s story illustrates the positive impact of our PASS program. Her family faced hardships securing housing, leading them to surrender her to Dallas Animal Services. Our PASS team swiftly intervened, arranging Daisy’s temporary placement with a trusted boarding partner and collaborating with Mazie’s Mission for her medical needs. Thanks to the care and support Daisy received, she was joyfully reunited with her family when they were back on their feet. 

A Long Journey Home: Liebe and Ragnar’s Story

Liebe and Ragnar’s owner was entering a rehab program and needed some time away to care for herself. Wanting to ensure that her beloved dogs were well cared for while she was away, she hired a dog sitter for them. While she was in rehab, she received the shocking news that both Liebe, which is German for “love”, and Ragnar had ended up at Dallas Animal Services. All her attempts to reach the dog sitter went unanswered, and she was in complete distress over the current whereabouts of her dogs. 

Fortunately, Liebe and Ragnar were both microchipped, and DAS was able to contact the organizations where each dog had been originally adopted. Liebe was adopted from a rescue in Chicago, and they were able to connect with the pet owner with the help of PASS. 

A PASS volunteer was able to secure boarding for Liebe at one of DPA’s boarding partners, and continued their work to track down Ragnar. Ragnar had been adopted from Operation Kindness, and was returned to them by DAS. Thankfully, Ragnar had not been adopted to a new owner, and Operation Kindness was able to safely hold on to him for a week until his owner returned. 

Liebe and Ragnar’s owner had joyful reunions with both pups. She was so grateful that the DPA PASS team was able to coordinate all of the necessary steps to get her dogs back, so that she could continue to focus on her own healing. 

Daisy, Liebe and Ragnar’s stories highlight the difference we can make in countless pets’ lives. With our new partnership with BestyBnB, we aim to accomplish this at an even greater scale by reaching more families in need within our community. 

How You Can Help

By joining BestyBnB as a pet caregiver, you can help us with our mission of keeping more pets out of shelters and connected with their families during difficult times. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to join the BestyBnB network as a caregiver. You will undergo a thorough application process and background check to ensure the well-being of all pets assisted through the platform.
  2. Set your own rates to earn extra income, and to help cover the cost of pet food and supplies for the foster animal(s) under your care. (You’ll keep 100% of the rate you set!) You can also choose to donate or discount your services to nonprofits.
  3. Choose your availability by offering services to the general public or only participating non-profits. You’ll be in full control of your schedule and preferences for the specific animals you work with. 
  4. Our PASS team will coordinate placement for pets in need of a temporary stay with a trusted BestyBnB caregiver.

For the safety of all involved, client and caregiver identities and locations are kept completely confidential. 

This partnership allows us to coordinate more safe nights for these pets, providing them a safe haven and ultimately reuniting them with their loved ones. Your commitment and compassion can make all the difference in ensuring these pets find their way home when the time comes.

If you’re ready to open your home and your heart, please consider signing up as a caregiver today through our PASS program’s collaboration with BestyBnB.

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