Dogs & Beer The Ultimate Pairing

The Dallas Pets Alive Adoption Container powered by @‌weloveCUDDLY embodies a pioneering environment where teamwork, innovation, and animal rescue intersect – a transformative space reflecting the very essence of our rescued companion animals’ journey.

Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) celebrated the official grand opening of the DPA Adoption Center on March 24th located adjacent to Community Beer Company (CBC)’s new brewery in Dallas. Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) and Community Beer Company (CBC) are proud partners in lifesaving, having been working together for the past 10 years. CBC’s motto of “Beer for the Greater Good” goes hand in hand with our mission to save homeless pets here in North Texas.

While the space will be small, every inch of the Adoption Container will be thoughtfully utilized. The container features an outside bar for CBC, a retail store to snag DPA! merchandise, and technology that will allow guests to have a match-making experience with DPA foster pets. We’re confident this will have a better match rate than your average dating app! DPA! is doing things differently, encouraging you to take part as we help reimagine pet adoptions.

“We can’t expect to help North Texas shelters at the pace they need if we don’t make a big change. Rethinking the normal “adoption center” is vital to the success of our organization and, most important, to the lives of animals,” says Leslie Sans, DPA Founder and Executive Director.

Check out our DPA Adoption Container at Community Beer (3110 Commonwealth Dr, Dallas, TX 75247):…

Container Opening Hours

  • 💙Thursday 3-8
  • 💙Friday 3-8
  • 💙Saturday 12-7
  • 💙Sunday 11-6

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