DFW Pets Are Family 2024: How Animal Welfare Groups Are Coming Together to Support Pet Owners in Need

In an era where families are facing increasing financial pressures, the bond between humans and their pets has never been more crucial. Pets play a major role of comfort and companionship for their humans and are truly members of their families. For some, especially during times of hardship, their pets may be the only source of emotional support in their lives. But unfortunately, families who are struggling often find themselves facing the heartbreaking scenario of surrendering their pets to a shelter, believing they have no other options available to them.

Dallas Pets Alive! (DPA!) believes that no one should have to face the unwanted surrender of a pet during times of crisis. Since the inception of our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program in 2016, we have supported over 21,000 families with vital pet resources and successfully prevented 3,707 animals from being surrendered to shelters. 

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In 2022, DPA! joined forces with CUDDLY and brought other animal welfare groups together to collaborate for DFW Pets Are Family, to continue our efforts by ensuring that no family has to part with their beloved pets due to financial constraints. We are proud to have continued this collaborative effort over the past couple of years, and our team is excited to kick off 2024 alongside the other participating organizations with the first DFW Pets Are Family event of the year on Saturday, March 23rd.

What Is DFW Pets Are Family?

DFW Pets Are Family is a quarterly initiative designed to provide essential support to pet owners in need. These events offer a range of services, including free pet food, supplies, microchips, vaccines, and more. Since 2022, we have distributed over 120,000 pounds of pet food and provided essential veterinary services to thousands of beloved pets within our community. 

smiling volunteers from Dallas Pets Alive at DFW Pets Are Family

Beyond the tangible resources, these events serve as a beacon of hope for families struggling to provide for their pets. Participating organizations aim to educate families in need on the available resources they can turn to before they reach the point of surrender. This ensures that more pets and their people stay connected and together, while also preventing overcrowding at our local shelters by reducing the intake of avoidable owner surrenders.

This year, DPA! is collaborating with over 10 esteemed animal welfare organizations to co-host this free event for the public where we can proudly serve our community across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

In 2024, DFW Pets Are Family will be co-hosted by:

DFW Pets Are Family welcomes all pet owners in need of support, regardless of their circumstances.

Join Us for DFW Pets Are Family in 2024

DFW Pets Are Family sign: pet food & vaccines

Join us at any of the four upcoming events to receive free pet food, treats, and supplies donated by participating groups and from the generous contributions of members within our community. Free microchips and vaccines will also be available, generously provided by Petco Love and the Banfield Foundation. Spay/neuter appointments can be scheduled for future dates at a participating clinic.

The incredible turnout for DFW Pets Are Family each year outlines the sheer need of this initiative within our community. This drive-through style event typically sees a mile-long line of cars and many families patiently waiting for over an hour to access the essential services provided. Families should plan to arrive early if possible to secure a prime spot in line and ensure they receive the resources they need. This event is first-come-first-served while supplies last.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming DFW Pets Are Family events in 2024:

If you are a pet owner in need of these services, we invite you to attend one of these free events to secure the necessary resources to help keep your pets close and well-cared for. Be sure to share this article with friends and family to spread the word for others in need within our community!

The Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) Program

The DFW Pets Are Family initiative is a natural extension of DPA’s preventative efforts through our PASS program. Our PASS team works tirelessly to serve our mission: keeping pets in their homes and out of local shelters. 

Every day, our volunteers receive dozens of requests from families in need who are desperate to keep their pets close, but are facing significant challenges that may pose a risk to their pets’ well-being. Social issues are always at the forefront of pet owners in need. Many of the families we work with are facing financial or housing insecurity, or they may be struggling to get back on their feet due to another crisis taking place in their lives. The PASS program aims to alleviate these pressures by helping families in need take care of their pets. We offer assistance with free pet food and supplies, pet deposits, medical care, training resources, temporary foster placement, responsible rehoming, and more.

Learn more about the PASS program.

It Takes a Village

If you are not currently in need and have the means to support these critical programs, your contributions play a vital role in helping others within our community to keep their families united and keep loved pets out of shelters. By making a donation or signing up to volunteer today, your generous support will make a huge impact on the pets and people within our community as a whole. Our team at DPA! thank you for your unwavering support!

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