Our mission is to promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals in North Texas.

We take an innovative approach to animal rescue and believe in creating a paradigm shift in the way our community views animal rescue.

Adoption is not only the right thing to do but THE thing to do.


To one day make all of North Texas No-Kill


Our organization is run mostly by volunteers, and all of our pets are housed by dedicated foster families throughout North Texas.

We rescue and help the healthy and treatable pets at greatest risk for euthanasia at our partner shelters. We also provide assistance and resources to pet owners having problems so significant that they need to surrender their pets to a shelter.

In our rescue program, we focus on:

  • Rescuing healthy and treatable pets at North Texas shelters at the greatest risk of being euthanized
  • Reducing owner surrender through our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program
  • Opening kennel space by transporting pets to partners in the U.S. and Canada in need of adoptable animals
  • Challenging the way our community views rescue animals. We believe that adoption is not only right thing to do but THE thing to do!


Diversity & Inclusion

Dallas Pets Alive! champions a world where:

  1. Both ends of the leash are respected and honored. All individuals are treated with dignity, compassion, and understanding.
  2. The golden rule is expected: Treat all living beings as you would like to be treated.

DPA is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse culture that reflects the uniqueness of the animals and communities we serve. We will lead with positive intent and embrace challenges related to advancing diversity.

Save homeless animals

Provide lifesaving aid to vulnerable dogs and cats in Dallas with your gift


Since Dallas Pets Alive!’s founding in 2012 as a foster-based rescue organization run primarily by volunteers, we have built our reputation as a leading animal welfare organization in the North Texas rescue community.

Thanks to the tireless dedication and work of our team, partner rescue groups, community organizations, and Dallas Animal Services’ shelter staff, DAS’ live release rate has increased from 42.7% in September 2012 to an average of 82% in 2018. DAS has maintained a 90% live release rate throughout Q1 2019.

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  • Founder & Executive Director: Leslie Sans
  • Chairman of the Board: Adam Stetson
  • Vice-President, Board of Directors: Peter Baldwin
  • Secretary, Board of Directors: Kevin Kirksey
  • Board Member: Hana Ickes
  • Board Member: Tammi Carter
  • Board Emeritus: Candice Aaron


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  • Founder & Executive Director: Leslie Sans
  • Executive Admin: Christine Sablone
  • Vice President of Animal Operations: Sarah McGoldrick
  • Vice President of Administration: Anthony Cruddas
  • Development Director: Pat Robbins
  • Rescue Director: Jey Lehew
  • Adoption Director: Christine Sablone
  • Foster Director: Jenay Bennett
  • Medical Director: Jessica Dudek
  • Transport Director: Open
  • TNR Director: Tina Hoskins
  • PASS Director: Sarah McGoldrick
  • Technology Director: Katie Patterson
  • Marketing Director: Vivian Powers
  • Volunteer Director: Tiffany Bellino