Ruff Valentine’s Day? Adopt from DPA!

By Natalie Jacaman 

Dating can be rough. You first have to find a person that has shared interests with you. Then, you have to choose which interest to explore on a date, i.e., food, movies, museums, workouts, etc. Once you’ve selected one thing to move forward with for approximately 2-3 hours, then you have to think about discussion topics! What if you don’t agree with most of what the other person is saying? At that point it would be nice to leave and “go fetch” the safe, warm comforts of your home. Why do we put ourselves through all of this when you already have a readily available date waiting for you when you walk through your door? This individual loves what you love, is always up for a spontaneous adventure, and is excited to be with you all of the time, no matter what you are wearing. This ideal match is known as – your dog!

Your dog is the perfect date any time – especially on Valentine’s Day! There are several advantages to dating your dog and the first one is that you already know that they don’t have any other secret valentines – they’re always devoted to you! The second advantage is that you can plan your ideal date and they will be right there beside you, wagging their tale in excitement just because they’re there with you. Thirdly, and most importantly, they won’t judge you for indulging in a “treat” at the end of the date – just as long as they get one, too. Dogs only want you to have a good time, and that’s really all we can ask for in a perfect date!

So, where will you and your match go together; an outdoor bistro for dinner and a coffee shop to follow? Hopefully you don’t mind sharing your meal, because your date might ask you for a taste – or bring along some of their snacks, instead! Perhaps you’d prefer a walk around the park with a hot beverage taking in the season’s best sights and smells. A bonus during this scenario would be to meet up with a fellow doggy date session and make it a double dog date! Or maybe indoor dates are your preference. Bookstores are a great way to spend quality time together, reading book covers next to each other and choosing which ones to enjoy later at home. Also, you may want to swing by your favorite pet store and get your date a new collar to make them feel like it’s a special day for you and your best friend. Alternatively, if you want to keep it comfortable by staying at home, dogs have no problem with being around all of their favorite toys and blankets. From watching a movie in bed, to dancing around your house to whatever music you prefer, your perfect date is up for anything. Don’t forget to take a picture with your pup, because they are always photo-ready, whether it’s a puppy-filter or a candid shot. You’ll score major doggy points if you make this an annual photo, so you two can look back on all of the great dates you have had together!

This year, start a new tradition and let your dog take the “ruff” part out of Valentine’s Day, and enjoy your favorite activities with each other. If you don’t have a valentine yet, please consider one of our 28 dogs and cats that are just $14 to adopt now through the 14th of February found here. We also have many to choose from on our website // that will fondly be your forever valentine.

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