Rescue Rusty Update – 4/5/18

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Rusty has now been at Dallas Animal Services since Dec. 16, 2017, even though we continue to offer the City of Dallas a positive solution that meets the needs of all parties. Unfortunately, Rusty will remain at Dallas Animal Services while the City of Dallas spends even more taxpayer dollars and City manpower trying every tactic possible to avoid giving Dallas Pets Alive, and really Rusty, due process.
While we are not able to visit Rusty, we understand he remains in good spirits as he sits in isolation at Dallas Animal Services. We do not believe Rusty should be there, but we truly appreciate the staff at Dallas Animal Services and all they are able to do for Rusty while the City of Dallas needlessly drags this case out. We know Rusty has appreciated all of the donations he’s received from the #RescueRusty team. If you would like to donate new toys, bones and treats to Rusty, please send them to the address noted below (NOTE: it is a PO box and not a physical location) or drop them off at our adoption event this weekend at Grapevine Craft Brewery from 4-7 p.m. Please keep in mind that Rusty is a chewer, so tough toys are best and toys that occupy his mind and challenge him while he is in his kennel would be appreciated.
Dallas Pets Alive
11700 Preston Rd.
Suite 660 #263
Dallas, TX 75230
We also want to thank you for reaching out to your elected officials and urge you to continue your outreach as the City Council has the ability to end this ongoing legal battle and send Rusty to a sanctuary in New York. Follow this link to easily contact your city councilmember:
We do again extend our thanks to Council Members Omar Narvaez and Adam Medrano for their continuing efforts on Rusty’s behalf. They have advocated for Rusty since the beginning and continue to do so.
This issue is NOT going away and the citizens of Dallas deserve answers from their elected officials about their position and their willingness to expend untold City resources both in manpower and finances on this needless fight. As always, please remember to remain positive in your advocacy for Rusty. #RescueRusty

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