Raising Heartworm Awareness During American Heart Month

Did you know that Texas ranks among the top 10 states where heartworm disease is most prevalent?

During American Heart Month, we want to call attention to the silent hardships our pets face. Snoopy’s inspiring journey, characterized by the battle against severe limb injuries and heartworm disease, showcases resilience. It reminds us to prioritize prevention to avoid potentially deadly and often costly consequences. Even before he can begin heartworm treatment, Snoopy must recover from orthopedic surgery. Currently, his total cost of care is $5,755.82.

Shortly before the holidays last year, a scrawny stray dog was found limping along unaccompanied. At the tender age of one, he was gauged at a mere three on a nine-point body condition scale and was suffering from significant fractures in two of his legs. One leg hung uselessly, suggesting the potential need for amputation.

Further examination compounded the grim findings: Snoopy tested positive for heartworm disease. The veterinary team speculated that he had been hit by a car and was wandering for several weeks in pain prior to his rescue. Given his quality of life and the difficult road to recovery ahead — which would entail multiple orthopedic surgeries, strict crate rest, physical rehabilitation, pain management, and finally, heartworm treatment — the staff knew it would take an emergency foster to save Snoopy from euthanasia.

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Adoption Spotlight: Heartworm Heroes

These amazing dogs have won their battle with heartworm disease. Could you be their new best friend? Click to learn more and apply.

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Archie is a two-year-old affectionate brindle shepherd/terrier mix who loves being close to his people and gets along well with other dogs and cats. He’s comfortable at home without a crate and easygoing in the car, so he’s perfect for houses with yards or apartment life. Adopt Archie!

Introducing Dixie Rae: a lively and affectionate dog who loves toys, tug-of-war, and helping her fellow pups. She’s quick to learn, great with other dogs, but prefers to steer clear of cats. Whether as an adored only pet or with a furry sibling, she is ready to fill your home with joy and playfulness. Adopt Dixie!

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The Foster+ Program

The Foster+ Program is designed to help cover the costs associated with fostering so you can focus on what’s most important — giving your rescue the love, attention, and fresh start they deserve.

Supplies: No leash? No problem! Dallas Pets Alive can lend or provide any supplies you might need. From crates to training tools, our team has you covered.

Snyft: If you need help transporting an animal to and from the vet or shelter, you can request a Snyft Driver!

Grooming: DPA can now provide foster pets with grooming services and nail trims through our veterinary and grooming partners!

Pet Deposit: Want to foster an animal but bound by a rental contract? DPA can even address pet deposit payment on a case by case basis!

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