Maddie III

Age: Young
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull/Mixed Breed (Medium)
Gender: Female

Meet Maddie III!

Meet Maddie, the embodiment of resilience and affection in a furry package. This spirited dog, found herself at Dallas Animal Services after a challenging start in life as a stray with a broken hind leg. Facing euthanasia due to space constraints and her injury, fate intervened, offering her a chance at a brighter future. Maddie’s journey from adversity to hope serves as a testament to her unwavering spirit and gentle nature.

Maddie’s charm extends beyond her adorable demeanor; she possesses an innate ability to forge bonds with both humans and dogs effortlessly. Her affectionate disposition knows no bounds, as she delights in showering her loved ones with kisses and cuddles. Although her connection with cats and children is untested, her adaptable nature suggests a potential for harmonious integration into a variety of households.

In terms of training, Maddie is a work in progress, displaying proficiency in leash, crate, and potty training, yet still benefiting from structure and guidance. Her ideal home would offer patience and dedication to continuing her training regimen, nurturing her potential to become the best version of herself.

While she’s currently recovering from a recent amputation surgery, Maddie’s indomitable spirit shines through, evident in her eagerness for play and exploration. Her moderate energy level strikes a balance between playfulness and relaxation, making her an ideal companion for families seeking a furry friend to share life’s adventures.

Maddie’s endearing qualities-affectionate, playful, and resilient-make her an irresistible addition to any loving household.

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