Little Bear

Age: Baby
Breed: Mixed Breed (Medium)
Gender: Male

Meet Little Bear!

Meet Little Bear, the playful pup with a heart full of curiosity! Little Bear is all about making friends with dogs of all sizes. One of his favorite pastimes is initiating play with his furry friend, the great pyrenees, and letting loose with some zoomies.

Despite his adventurous spirit, Little Bear can be a bit shy and timid when faced with new experiences. Walking on a leash used to be a scary ordeal for him, but he’s gradually learning to embrace it and gain confidence with every step.

In true puppy fashion, Little Bear’s play style can be described as goofy and awkward, but he’s quick to pick up on cues from other dogs and redirect his energy accordingly. He’s always ready for a game of play bows and barkies, and he’s never one to turn down a belly rub.

When it’s time to unwind, Little Bear loves nothing more than snuggling up for some quality cuddle time. While he may be a bit reserved around new people at first, it doesn’t take long for him to warm up and show off his affectionate side. With his charming personality and irresistible belly flops, Little Bear is sure to steal the hearts of everyone he meets.

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