Ember III

Age: Adult
Breed: Mixed Breed (Small)
Gender: Male

Meet Ember III!

Meet Ember, a resilient male dog with a story of strength and perseverance. Despite a rough start in life, Ember is a fighter, overcoming challenges with determination and grace. Found as a stray with a broken front leg and toes. Ember is on a journey of healing, both physically and emotionally.

Ember’s social skills are evolving; while he may be initially skittish around humans, he’s steadily making progress, showing a promising capacity for trust and companionship. Although untested with men or children, he exhibits a natural affinity for dogs his size, enjoying their company and playfulness. Ember isn’t too curious about making cat friends but will accept their coexistence.

In terms of training, Ember shows promise. He’s comfortable in his crate, adept at using potty pads, and is learning to do his business outside. Despite his skittish nature, he’s beginning to respond to positive reinforcement and guidance. With patience and understanding, Ember is sure to blossom into a well-behaved companion.

Ember’s activity level is currently under assessment pending leg amputation surgery. Described as an “Aloof Admirer,” Ember enjoys his space but appreciates the presence of caring souls nearby. While he may be hesitant at first, his longing for love and engagement shines through, making him an ideal candidate for a patient and nurturing home.

Ember’s resilience, courage, and capacity for love are undeniable. With time and dedication, Ember is poised to become a loyal and loving companion, bringing joy and warmth to the lucky individual or family who opens their heart to him.

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