Age: Young
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female

Meet Camila!

Hello, I am Camila! I am a beautiful young kitty looking to find my forever home and family. Let me tell you a little about myself!

I have been described as sweet, confident, and that I have a sunny disposition. I might even be called a social butterfly! I love to be in the same room as my foster family-I enjoy being around my humans. I am also the ultimate greeter when you come back home-I will meow to welcome you! My foster family says I am also very affectionate. I love to lay on my foster mom’s lap, and I LOVE to be petted and even carried like a baby.

I am also one smart cookie! I already know what “no means! I am also litter box trained, as well as scratching post trained. I do enjoy playing with toys-particularly toys filled with catnip (yummm). My foster mom says I have a hearty appetite and love to eat. I will also become a chatterbox to let you know when I am hungry! I LOVE Churu (who doesn’t?) and also crunchy treats. Those are the way to my heart.

If you are looking for a sweet and affectionate girl, then we might be the right fit! Please fill out an application if you would like to meet me!

Camila is FIV+. FIV can cause a weakened immune system, similar to HIV in humans, but much less severe. Most FIV cats live long normal healthy lives; statistically there is no difference in lifespan. Sometimes they can get gingivitis, and if they do get sick they may get sicker faster than a negative cat. So catching illnesses early in an FIV cat is important as well as taking them in for annual check ups. But lots of people own FIV+ cats and don’t even know it because they never got them tested. FIV was discovered in 1986. If you owned cats prior to 1986, they may have had an FIV+ cat and you never knew it!

Will FIV get my non FIV+ cats sick?
Since FIV is only spread through deep bite wounds or sex, the standard answer is “no. All DPA cats are spayed/neutered so there is no risk of spreading through sex (even if cats “mount each other for dominance reasons they will not actually penetrate). Most cats, if they don’t get along, don’t actually bite each other hard enough to draw blood and spread FIV – typically they hiss, scratch, or maybe give warning bites, but it is very rare for neutered house cats to bite like that. If your personal cat and your newly adopted FIV cat are fighting that severely, FIV isn’t your biggest concern! If we have an FIV+ cat we know does not get along with other cats we will let you know prior to adoption.

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All Dallas Pets Alive adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines upon adoption. The standard minimum donation for cats over six months to seven years is $100, kittens under six months is $150, cats eight years and over are $50 unless specified otherwise. You can view all the adoptable pets and fill out an adoption application online on our website at . For more information, you can email

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