Pet Resources

Low Cost Vet Care/Spay & Neuter

Many low cost vet care options are available in the Big D. Please use the resources below for low cost vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries.

Behavior Training Assistance

Rehoming Resources

The resources below can be very helpful to rehoming your pet and avoiding surrendering your animal to a shelter, which should be a last resort. You can also email for more assistance.

Lost and Found Pets



Help us care for our adoptable pets by providing funds for their care. Below are suggested donation amounts corresponding to specific needs.

$10 – Microchip
$25 – Heartworm test
$50 – Puppy vaccinations
$75 – Spay/neuter one pet
$100 – One day of parvovirus treatment
$300 – Heartworm treatment
$500 – One month of behavioral training


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