A Letter from DPA’s Board of Directors

A Letter from DPA’s Board of Directors

Dear Friends of DPA:

Dallas Pets Alive! has grown tremendously over the past 6 years. We have focused on approaching animal rescue through innovative programming, shifting the way our community views animal rescue, and working toward making Dallas a No-Kill city.

The Board has focused on growing DPA and establishing our organization as a top-tier animal rescue and outstanding non-profit in Dallas. We are working hard to find the best space possible for our new adoption center, which will elevate and facilitate pet adoption in the DFW area. As we continue growing and enhancing our existing programs, we must ensure our adoptable pets get the exposure they need while also building and sustaining a solid business infrastructure.

Because of our progress and goal to be a leading animal welfare non-profit, the Board of Directors is reinforcing its commitment to DPA by creating the first full-time staff position. We are thrilled to announce Leslie Sans will continue her role as Executive Director in a full-time capacity, where she will continue working to build an even stronger Dallas Pets Alive! through increased community awareness, networking and fundraising.


Dallas Pets Alive Board of Directors

Brittani Lassiter
Rory O’Loughlin
Cherie Batsel
Candice Aaron
Amy Baldwin
Peter Baldwin
Carla Eboli
Drew Lassiter
Steve Mastor
Lindsey Reedy
Adam Stetson


  1. Will the salary and benefits costs be disclosed? With a major donation ask coming in the form of NTGD, I feel we should know where and how our money will be spent as it used to be very simple….it went directly towards saving animals.

  2. Thank you for your questions. We believe that hiring essential staff is critical to saving lives, as the work of the Executive Director significantly impacts our ability to fulfill Dallas Pets Alive’s mission.

    For example, in 2017 when the Executive Director role moved from volunteer to part-time, DPA saw a 60% increase in revenue: money that is used in saving the animals that need it most. The Board of Directors believes strong leadership is not just important for a non-profit – it’s absolutely critical. Leslie is the voice and face of our organization, the strategist, the visionary, the lead fundraiser, the advocate, and a leader in animal welfare.

    The Executive Director’s salary comprises only 5.8% of DPA’s 2018 annual budget. A healthy nonprofit with outstanding leadership will be able to more effectively help many more animals (and their owners), as well as make a greater and lasting impact on our community, which is our ultimate goal.

    If at any time a donor would like their donation to be earmarked for a specific animal or program, please let us know and we will be more than happy to do that. Thank you so much for your support of DPA’s lifesaving mission!


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