Leadership Spotlight: Stefanie, DPA Foster Director

A lot goes on behind the scenes of Dallas Pets Alive! While pets are always top of mind, we have a large, highly organized infrastructure that is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do for our four-legged friends without the commitment, support and dedication of the two-legged members of the DPA Family.

2018 may be the Year of the Dog, we’re be highlighting members of our Leadership Team, in addition to our monthly Pawesome Volunteers and Fosters, this year to give you a closer look  the people who make our mission possible.

Meet Stefanie, DPA’s Foster Director!

What does your role within Dallas Pets Alive! involve? What do you oversee within the organization?

As the Foster Director, I am responsible for all things foster related. I oversee a team of 2 assistant directors, 30 foster representatives, 6 foster application vetters, a team of administrators and bio writers, and all active fosters of the 1200 individuals that are approved. I work closely with all teams to make sure the foster process runs smoothly from working with the rescue team to pull an animal from the shelter, to making sure an animal is behaviorally and medically cleared for adoption with both the adopt and medical teams. Additionally, my team does everything in between such as approving new fosters, providing behavioral advice, uploading marketing material to our website and checking in with medical updates. We are the support team for our amazing foster families.


What is your professional background?

I recently moved from Dallas to Denver for a great opportunity with a mid-sized restaurant software company. When I’m not moonlighting as a rescue fanatic, I am responsible for the build up and hiring of all functioning teams in our Denver office.


How long have you been involved with the organization?

I have been involved with DPA for almost 2.5 years after I moved up to Dallas from Austin. I was involved in APA! and wanted to find a similar program in Dallas. Within a week of moving, I started out as a foster rep and foster. From there I also became a foster application vetter role and have now been the Foster Director for about 8 months.


What drives you to dedicate your time to DPA?

My team. We provide resources to our fosters that many other rescues cannot. I believe this is because we are such a tight-knit group with a strong volunteer and foster base willing to work together in pursuing the greater goal – to make Dallas no-kill. Every single member of my team has a passion for the mission and a compassion towards these animals and the fosters that put their time and resources into giving the animals a second, third, or fourth chance. Each volunteer treats their role within the foster team like they would their paid day job. No question is too small and no problem is too big. Because of our amazing reps, vetters, and admins, the fosters have a support group from the second they pull and animal to the time that animal is adopted. It is because of them that I hope to dedicate just as much of my own resources.

On average, how many hours per week do you volunteer?

Ha! Maybe 50+ hours? Kidding… but there is no set schedule in this type of rescue work.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I was the youngest person to be certified as a firewalking instructor. The training that I went through gave me the opportunity to push my limits and put time into what I love. I am an avid backpacker, hiker and love to explore new places. I dedicate that passion to the firewalking training and my parents.

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