Spot Tag Event: A Kitten Season Special Edition

spot tag kitten season

Spot tagging is a unique process that allows individuals to “tag” or choose a pet they wish to foster directly from the shelter. This proactive, hands-on approach ensures a more personalized match by allowing foster parents to meet and connect with the animals in person, taking into account both the needs of the pet and the lifestyle of the foster. Dallas Pets Alive! (DPA) is preparing to hold an innovative spot tag event, Saturday, April 20 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Dallas Animal Services, to alleviate the increasing pressure on shelters during kitten season.

Why Focus on Kitten Season?

Every year from April to October (and longer warmer climates), kitten season presents significant challenges for animal shelters due to the surge in kitten births, stretching their resources and capacity. Female cats can have multiple litters a year, with each litter averaging 4 to 6 kittens, which contributes to overpopulation. Shelters can often find themselves overwhelmed with litters of newborn kittens requiring a safe environment to grow and round-the-clock care.

While DPA’s event embraces all animals, this special spot tagging event aims to bridge the gap between pets in need and community members willing to open their homes as foster caregivers. It’s not just about finding temporary homes for pets; it’s a concerted effort to provide a lifeline for animals at a time when shelters are most burdened.

Event Overview

  • Kitten Bottle Feeding Class: Taught by DPA’s own cat expert, Lauren Siler, this class offers invaluable insights into nurturing newborn kittens, which is particularly critical during kitten season. Attendees will learn proper feeding techniques and care protocols for these vulnerable animals.
  • Foster Matchmaking: This event goes beyond just picking a pet. It’s about making informed decisions with guidance from experienced volunteers. Whether your interest lies in caring for bottle babies or older kittens, there will be support to help you choose a foster that matches your capabilities and expectations.
  • Starter Kits for Fosters: To ensure you and your new foster are well-prepared, we’re providing starter kits filled with essentials like formula, bottles, and heating pads — everything you need to begin this rewarding journey without a detour to the store. Our goal is to make fostering as accessible and straightforward as possible!

Sign Up to Spot Tag or Foster Parent

For foster parents interested in being part of this transformative event, we invite you to reach out to If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, the need has never been greater! Learn more and sign up here. Whether you’re considering fostering for the first time or looking to add another furry member to your foster family, let us know if you’ll be joining us at Dallas Animal Services at 1818 N Westmoreland Rd.

Foster Parent Support Beyond the Event

Dallas Pets Alive! is committed to supporting their foster network and recognizes the challenges faced by their foster parents, which is why they have numerous resources geared toward making the process simple, accessible, and beneficial for both pets and humans. The Foster Portal was created to answer any and all questions regarding kitten season and kitten fostering. The Foster+ Program aims to alleviate financial barriers, making it easier for more individuals to participate in fostering. Even rides to the vet or walks in the park can be arranged for our foster parents. You provide the love — we’ve got the rest!

A Heartfelt Call to Action

As we get ready for this Kitten Season Spot Tagging Event, let’s remember that each of us holds the power to change lives — one foster pet at a time. It is through the generous contributions of our community and the dedication of our volunteer foster network that we can continue our mission. Whether it’s fostering a baby bottle kitten, becoming a DPA Champion, or providing a temporary home for an adult cat or dog, every act of kindness brings us closer to a world where every pet finds their forever home.

If you would like to support the kittens in our program this kitten season, we have several ways to donate:

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