July 2019 Cat of the Month: Meet HARISSA!

Like the North African hot sauce that she’s named for, this month’s featured feline has true zest and adds spice to life! Meet Harissa! A Silver Tabby mix with a white bib and paws, this 13-year-old girl is proving that life only gets better with age and is looking to share her enthusiasm in a forever home.

Harissa was in a shelter when DPA! found her. Her foster describes Harissa as being vocal, friendly, sassy, healthy and full of energy. This spunky kitty is independent, but also loves to rub against your feet, follow you around the house, sleep and cuddle with you. She would rather play with her toys than take a nap and is so smart that she has figured out how to open her cat carrier.  

Harissa is declawed, is good about using her sandbox and is great with other cats. We think she would make an excellent companion for someone who is willing to appreciate a senior cat and needs some spice in their life. Could you be the right fit for this month’s cat? 

Harissa is 50% off through July. Apply to adopt Harissa  here or email adopt@dallaspetsalive.org.

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