How 2 Foster Heroes Changed Queen’s Life Forever

Foster Heroes are at the heart of our rescue efforts at Dallas Pets Alive! As one of our most precious resources, fosters enable us to save the lives of countless companion animals in North Texas. Fostering gives at-risk shelter animals hope by providing the love, care, and dedication they need to thrive — while giving us the time we need to find them the perfect adopters!

Queen‘s story is the perfect example of a dog who desperately needed some extra time to receive the second chance at life she deserved.

When Queen was just 2 years old, she and her mother were both hit by a car. Tragically, her mom didn’t survive, and Queen was left alone in the street, traumatized and with two injured legs. A good samaritan witnessed the accident and brought Queen into the refuge of Dallas Animal Services, where she was rescued just in time to save her life. 

Watch the video to hear Queen’s full story!

Although Queen has faced significant challenges on her journey so far, she’s been accompanied every step of the way by her full-time foster, Elise, and her temporary foster, Sue. With two incredible foster heroes to look after her and the unwavering support of DPA’s Foster+ program, Queen has been thriving in our care for a little over a year, as she continues to wait for her forever family.

Foster+ Support

Our Foster+ program has allowed us to welcome more fosters than ever into our care this past year, by providing them with free supplies, grooming, dog training, and transportation. Foster+ was designed to help cover the costs associated with fostering, to let fosters focus on giving the animals the love and care they deserve unhindered.

Special perks, such as GoodPup training scholarships, are included in Foster+ to help wonderful dogs just like Snow learn good behavior and basic commands.

By receiving this training during foster care, Snow will have the best chance possible of finding a forever home soon, with a loving family who’s in search of a well-mannered pup!

Without additional funding, the resources available through Foster+ are at risk of ending soon.
If you would like to help us keep the Foster+ program alive, please consider a donation today
Become a Foster Hero
Foster Hero

Fostering a pet isn’t just about providing a temporary home; it’s about becoming a hero in their story. As the saying goes, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ When you open your home to foster an animal who has faced hardships, you become their guiding light. We have pets searching for their hero who can lead them to their forever homes.

Want to become a hero? We’d love to pair you with a sidekick in need! Email with the subject line: Foster Hero

Adoption Spotlight

These wonderful pups have blossomed under the care of their fosters, and now they’re ready for their forever homes! Could it be with you? Click to learn more and apply.

Queen is a petite 3-year-old mixed breed pup who’s packed with personality! She has low-moderate energy and likes short walks and playing tug and chase with her toys. Queen has some noise sensitivity and would enjoy a laid-back lifestyle with a loving family who can treat her like royalty! Adopt Queen!


Snow is a gentle 5-year-old pup who wants to be by your side wherever you go! While Snow has all the goofy energy you’d expect from a husky, he’s the quietest one you’ll ever meet and rarely vocalizes/barks. Snow loves to snuggle and play, and does well with kids or other dogs in the home. Adopt Snow!

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