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As we approach the end of the year, we find ourselves reflecting on the countless heartwarming stories that have unfolded within the DPA community. Your support has played a crucial role in making these stories possible, and we are excited to share the joy and accomplishments that have filled our hearts.


Consider making this season extra special by welcoming a furry friend into your family!

Follow our social media pages for updates on how you can continue to support our cause and stay tuned for a big announcement in January—keep an eye out for details that will shape our journey together!

Thank you for being a cherished part of the DPA family. May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, and the delightful company of furry friends!

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Transformative Journeys Unite Pets and Families Year-Round

Throughout the year, our various programs have played a pivotal role in uniting countless furry friends with loving families. From rescue to rehabilitation, these pets have undergone incredible transformations.


Senna’s Story

In a fortuitous twist of fate, 9-week-old kittens Senna and Nolina found themselves rescued by Sarah Plagens, an experienced foster at Dallas Animal Services. Despite initially malnourished and unsocialized, Senna and Nolina thrived under Sarah’s care, transforming into affectionate lap cats.

Senna’s radiant spirit caught the attention of Georganna Sellar, DPA Volunteer Assistant Director, who brought her home. Now named Bailey, Senna lives joyfully with her new family, showcasing resilience and a bold spirit. Explore Senna’s inspiring journey here.


Lemon’s Story

Surrendered at just six months old due to injuries sustained in a dog fight, Lemon’s story took a hopeful turn thanks to the compassion of DPA Medical Director and foster mom, Jenny Wolff. Initially believed to be blind, Lemon’s veterinary exam revealed a heartbreaking list of afflictions.

Those included broken blood vessels and inner-eye bleeding indicative of strangulation, matted fur causing a skin infection, lacerations, and a positive heartworm test. Under Jenny’s care, Lemon underwent a remarkable recovery. With patience and trust-building, Lemon’s emotional trauma began to heal, and her vision returned to normal. Just before Christmas 2022, Lemon, now Liberty, found her forever home, where she thrives as the sole pet, enjoying undivided attention and boundless affection. Explore Lemon’s remarkable story here.


Holly’s Story

If DPA volunteers were to highlight the most extraordinary pet transformation, Holly Goodgirl would undoubtedly take the spotlight. From a fearful stray to the affectionate captain of the welcoming committee, Holly’s journey began when she was rescued from Dallas Animal Shelter in August 2022. 

Malnourished and facing medical challenges, including a fractured jaw and dental issues, Holly’s initial demeanor was reserved. However, once liberated from the shelter, she revealed a complete change in attitude, running around joyfully and seeking companionship. Under the devoted care of Jenay Bennett, DPA Foster Director, and her family, Holly overcame her initial fears and blossomed into everyone’s best friend. After almost a year in foster care, Holly’s journey took a heartwarming turn as she found her forever home with a family eager to welcome her into their pack. Read Holly’s inspiring tale here.

Learn more about Becoming a Foster, check out our Adoptable Pets, visit our Adoption Process page, or view our Volunteer Opportunities!

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