Help Families Like Coco and Her Mom Stay Together!

If you were given the choice between a roof over your head or keeping a member of your family, what would you do? For many of us, this seems like an outrageous question. Sadly, more people face this choice than we’d like to think.

No one wants to face surrendering their pet. That’s where DPA’s Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) comes in.

Last year, Sada faced that choice. She planned to move into a new house and was told by her landlord she either had to pay a hefty pet deposit or give up her dog, Coco. Sada was heartbroken at the thought of losing Coco but she didn’t know there was an alternative.

Sada reached out to Dallas Animal Services (DAS) to surrender Coco and they connected her to our PASS team. We were able to cover the pet deposit and they moved into their new home, together. 

PASS helps families, like Sada and Coco, stay together.

This situation was relatively uncomplicated. Many situations are more difficult. PASS is the only program of its kind in North Texas, partnering with local shelters to provide a wide variety of resources to pet families before they reach the doors of the shelter.

But this program is only possible with your support.

Your donation can provide financial assistance to a loving owner who’s desperate to keep their pet rather than leave them at the shelter.

Please help us keep families together by donating through this link.

Thank you from our family to yours!

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