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Finding the motivation to stay active can be tough, but not if you have an energetic workout buddy who loves to run and stay fit just as much as you do! At Dallas Pets Alive, we have numerous pups who live for their daily exercise, whether it’s strolling around the neighborhood, going for a run, or even a hike! 

Here at DPA, we know the health benefits of dog ownership are many and far-reaching. In fact, this study found that dog owners are almost four times more likely than non-dog owners to meet daily physical activity guidelines. Dog parents spend about 300 minutes weekly walking their dogs (200 more minutes than people without dogs), which can certainly add up and bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals. In this blog post, we’re featuring several fitness-focused dogs that are actively searching for their forever home and forever workout companion.  

Fitness Furrends: The One-Mile Club

Domino is a fitness furrend that loves to exercise—especially with his humans! Moderate walks around the block, or short, up-to-one-maybe-two-mile runs are the sweet spot for this sprightly pooch. And after an invigorating jog or a refreshing stroll, get ready to cuddle up with this lovebug on the couch for some well-earned rest. 

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Domino may be a big-sized pooch, but his heart is even bigger. An unconditional lover, Domino adores his humans, showering them with affection and warmth. Give him a belly rub, and you’ll have his heart forever! He also gets along well with other dogs, and is both house trained and crate-trained, making him the perfect addition to your family and to your active lifestyle. 

The Two-Mile and Up Club

Phil is another one of our active dogs here at DPA. Phil is part of the 2-Mile Club, and he LOVES to run with his foster mom, especially on the Katy Trail. Unlike other dogs who have to stop and mark everything, Phil is an unstoppable and unswerving runner who wants to stay on the fitness journey with you. And when the grueling workout is complete, Phil likes to kick it on the patio—no matter the weather. 

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As if Phil isn’t perfect enough, Phil has proven himself to be excellent with children, even with the youngest of kids. He may be a beast on the trail, but he’s also a gentle soul with his humans. Plus, he easily makes friends with other dogs, and even cats. At eight years old, Phil has waited a long time to find his forever family, but he knows that life is a marathon, and not a race. Could you be the long-awaited fitness partner he wants to run that marathon with? 

Next up we have Miss Bella Rose. A Labrador and retriever mix, Bella Rose has an innate love for running and can easily run two to three miles in a workout session. She’s a playful gal who enjoys all active things: tug, fetch, zoomies, and even soccer are a few of her favorite activities. She loves to chase her fellow doggie friends, but she loves to spend time with her humans even more. Her love language is playing ‘your shadow’ because she never wants to leave your side.

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An intelligent girl, Bella Rose knows how important exercise is not only for herself, but also for her humans. She loves to play hard with you and is extremely people-oriented, making her the perfect fitness furrend. 

With a name like Maximum Overdrive, you can rest assured that your fitness will be taken to the next level. Maximum Overdrive, or Max, is a 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepard mix: a perfect blend of breeds for someone who leads an active lifestyle. His foster parents describe him as confident and intelligent, so if you’re looking for a training buddy that can easily learn new commands (and has learned many already), Max is the perfect companion! A high-energy boy, Max can easily run for at least two miles and still have energy left over for playing with a tug toy or going after a ball. 

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On top of being a wonderful workout partner, Max is, at his core, a loving and loyal dog. He loves to cuddle his humans and keep them company—even if it means following them around the house or outside! 

Full of boundless energy, Buster was made for running. He can easily run for two to three miles, and according to his foster mom, he is excellent on a leash. A Foxhound and Lab mix, Buster is an energetic spirit that gets along beautifully with people, other pets, and cats. He’s a healthy and happy boy that shines in social settings, making him the perfect running buddy! 

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When he’s not running or training with you, Buster loves to play with his stuffed toys and enjoys a good treat. He can’t wait to meet his forever family and show off his mad running skills!

If you’re looking for a long-distance training partner, look no further than Bochy. Smiling and full of stamina, Bochy is the perfect motivation when it comes to working out. Bochy loves long-distance running and makes a five-mile-run look like a piece of cake. He is housebroken and crate-trained and gets along with humans and furry friends of all ages. Playtime is his favorite, so he would thrive in a home with a large yard with children who love to play as much as he does. 

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Bochy loves keeping up with a busy household and is ready to keep up with your active lifestyle! 

Daphne is another member of the Two-Mile-And-Up Club. According to her foster mom, Daphne can easily complete a three-mile run, and maybe even more! Daphne loves her exercise and is a chill runner that isn’t reactive to other dogs. Plus, she’s fantastic on a leash. A gentle and sweet girl with a heart as big as her size, she loves to stretch those long legs of hers on a refreshing run! 

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Daphne also gets along wonderfully with other dogs, instinctively matching their play styles. So whether you like to jog, sprint, or walk, this girl can handle and adjust to any type of activity! 

If one of these pups sounds like a match made in fitness heaven, contact DPA today!

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