Family Reunion: Loki’s Pizza Tradition Continues

Loki was brought to the shelter after a dog attack on Christmas Day. He had puncture wounds on his chest and left hind leg, which were treated, and X-rays were taken. Loki received antibiotics and pain medication. However, he was feeling very down and in need of care beyond what the shelter could provide. Hearing his story, a compassionate DPA foster opened her home to him, providing the healing environment he needed.

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It turns out, Loki’s family had been missing him all along. His real name is Max, and he managed to escape from his pet sitter’s home while his family was away dealing with a family emergency. Upon returning home and grieving the loss of their grandmother, Max’s family discovered that he was missing.

Max’s family has a weekly tradition of making homemade pizza, and Max’s brothers were known for saving a little piece for their beloved furry companion. Without Max to share pizza with, they felt a noticeable emptiness.

They searched everywhere, and that’s when a neighbor mentioned seeing animal control take Max away. The neighbor recommended that Max’s owner contact the shelter. Upon reaching out to the shelter, they got in touch with us at Dallas Pets Alive to facilitate the reunion of Max with his owner.

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Max has been reunited with his family, and we are thrilled that he is back home where he belongs. A huge thanks to the foster who saved Max and helped him heal.

Microchips are silent heroes that play a crucial role in reuniting lost pets with their owners, by providing a reliable and virtually painless identification method. By registering and keeping information up to date, microchipping is one of the best ways to ensure that lost pets can safely find their way back home. 

Losing your pet can be a frightening experience, and it can happen to even the most vigilant pet parents. If your pet is in need of a microchip, please visit our PASS page for assistance.

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