DPA’s Pawsome People: September 2019 Foster Spotlight

Allee is one of those golden fosters who is continuously amazing the DPA team! Her Facebook posts about her fosters are always hysterically viral worthy. Between the hilarious captions and personalities she brings to life, Allee is able to bring adopters swarming DPA to get their hands on cats, that in other homes or shelters would have never had a chance. 

Allee doesn’t back down from a medical challenge like ringworm or behavior issues like a feral mama and a naughty kitten, both appropriately named Impurrator Furryosa and Flerken (aka Mr. Murder Mittens).

Keep on making us all laugh, cry and rejoice with all these happy tails, Allee—you are truly PAWSOME!” – Danica B., DPA!’s Foster Directo

It is clear that Allee’s humor and care creates everything it takes and more to be a foster. Read more about her below:

How did you get involved with Fostering with DPA? 

We adopted our oldest dog through Duck Team 6, and I follow them on Facebook. At the very, very end of 2014, they started posting about a momma dog with three puppies who were on the euthanasia list at DAS. They were hoping to find someone or an organization who could take them in. My husband and I had been talking about fostering, but hadn’t taken the plunge yet. This little family, however, stole our hearts. We started messaging every rescue group we could find to see if one of them would be willing to bring us and the little family on as fosters. DPA was the one who said they could help. I am so glad they did, because DPA is the best!

Tell us about a few of your fosters. 

Minerva was momma dog who got us started, and she’s the best dog of all time (don’t tell my own two dogs that I said it wasn’t them). She’s friendly, well behaved, adorable, a fabulous snuggler… the whole deal. She is just the best little pibble girl. Last year, she actually saved her furever dad’s life by keeping him awake long enough for him to call 911 during a medical emergency! As far as our foster cats go, I think the most special so far was the one most recently adopted, Lady Fuzzybottom Tortington. She was a kitten with a quite dramatic rescue story, as she had fallen out of a moving car and then fallen further into a storm sewer, and her rescuer spent nine hours trying to get her out of the sewer system. She was incredibly affectionate despite her rough start, and she loved nothing more than snuggling in bed. If we didn’t already have our next group of fosters in the house before she was adopted, we might very well have foster failed with her. It worked out, though, because her new mom and dad are spoiling her rotten – just as she deserves!

What is your favorite animal adoption story? 

Our foster dog, Avalon, came to us scared out of her mind and completely shut down from fear. We thought we would end up keeping her for quite some time just so she’d have a chance to learn how to be a dog again. However, a friend of a friend applied to adopt her after only about a month. At the meeting, Avalon refused to go up and say hi to the potential adopter, growled at her other dog, and then peed in the other dog’s bed. Even so, the potential adopter fell in love and said she was ready to work with the sad, scared, little dog. Avalon was adopted, and these days, she’s the happiest dog on Earth. I love the adopters who are willing to take a chance in order to save the animals who need the most help!

What do you love most about fostering with Dallas Pets Alive? 

DPA has a pretty great support system for their fosters. For example, we’re currently dealing with ringworm after a litter of foster kittens introduced it to the house, and the other fosters and DPA leadership have been fabulous about providing the support and education I need to squash the fungus.

What would be some words of wisdom to new DPA Fosters? 

Rely on your support system, your family and friends. If you volunteer to do the work to save animal lives, then your family and friends will do everything they can to help you succeed! Everybody wants to do something to help adorable furry lives.

Give us a fun fact about you! 

Despite the fact that I’ve owned cats almost my entire life (I currently have two of my own and five fosters), I am deathly allergic to them. In high school, my asthma doctor told me I had to get rid of my cats, but I refused. Many years later, when he found out I was volunteering with cat rescue, he sighed heavily and said, “Allee, if the cats don’t kill you, I will! What are you thinking?!” But then he recommended a new strategy to help me overcome my disability because he knew I was going to help the cats regardless. My pulmonologist is awesome.

Also, I can hold a wine glass in one foot and then still drink from it, while holding it with my toes.

Be Pawsome like Allee. Apply to be a Dallas Pets Alive! foster today!

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