DPA’s Pawsome People: March 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

“Emily has been a foster and volunteer with DPA since even before my time. She is a whiz when it comes to numbers and spent a few years managing DPA’s accounting before making the switch over to the foster team. This is where I have gotten the chance to really know Emily and learn that her heart is just as large as her brain. She goes above and beyond as a foster representative to make sure our fosters are feeling supported. She has even given up a free Saturday to take her foster’s animals to adoption events when they couldn’t make it–a couple of those puppies met their FURever families at that event, too!

This sort of above and beyond mentality is something that comes naturally to Emily who is a repeat foster herself. She is superwoman who has done it all! Bully breeds? Absolutely. Medical issues? Not a problem. Pregnant mom and nursing puppies? Bring it on!Emily brings so much value to our team and we are SO fortunate to have her!” -Steiner Steiner, DPA!’s Foster Director

Current role at DPA:

Currently I serve as a foster parent, foster representative, adoption event lead, supervise the accounting and tax process, and help with special events such as our upcoming Pup Crawl and our Gala to be held in the fall. I have worn many hats at DPA at various times including Adoptline Coordinator, Medical Coordinator, Volunteer Director, Fundraising Director, and VP of Administration. My day job has gotten more involved so I have had to cut back a little on my volunteer time, but I still do all that I can.

How did I get involved volunteering with DPA?

I started following Dallas Animal Services on social media about six years ago and saw that they had posted about a dog needing to be pulled by rescue, so he needed a foster. I completed a foster application for DPA which was one of the rescues recommended in the post, and from there my involvement steadily grew.

What am I most passionate about with DPA?

I would have to say I am most passionate about the fact that DPA is so willing to take the hard cases. It’s easy to get healthy young fluffers adopted but not so easy for serious medical cases, behavioral issues, large dogs, and seniors. DPA is willing and able to save these hard-to-adopt pets and invest the time and funds into their healing so that they can be wonderful companions. I have personally fostered several dogs with medical and/or behavioral issues and it’s those dogs that are the most rewarding when you see them healthy, happy and adopted.

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA volunteers?

Know your strengths and use them to advantage. Some people have flexible jobs and some don’t. Some people like sales and marketing and some (like me) couldn’t sell ice in July in Texas. Some people are detail-oriented and analytical, and some are creative. Find what you love and what you’re good at and I promise there will be a place for you.

Give us a fun fact about you!

I’m an Italiophile and have spent years studying the language on and off, reading about Italy, and visiting (I’ve been there 4 times).  It’s my dream to spend a month in a language immersion program there. For a short while I pondered the possibility of moving to Italy and spending my life relaxing with pizza and wine.

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