DPA’s Pawsome People: June 2019 Foster Spotlight

“We’ve all heard the saying “keeping up with the Joneses” but these Joneses truly take that to a new level! Ashley and Eric applied to foster and quickly dove into the world of fostering with some dramatic saves!

Their first foster with DPA was Luna. This pretty pup was a DPA Alumni who was surrendered to the shelter for being too big. We desperately needed a safe place for her to go and the Jones family stepped up to the plate! Even better, they fell in love and ADOPTED Luna! She will never have to know the inside of a shelter again thanks to their wonderfully big hearts.

On top of that they wanted to help one of our pups stuck in boarding get a little taste of home life. They opened their home to Lolli for a week long “sleepover” so this pretty girl could get new photos and we could get insight on her personality.

Once Lolli’s sleepover was up, they graciously temp fostered Pablo for a few days so we could get him on transport to New York with our fabulous partner, Hearts and Bones!

In the very short time they’ve been fostering, they’ve made a lifelong impact on three very special dogs lives. We are so lucky to have them as DPAers!” -Danica B. DPA!’s Foster Director

That’s some of the many reasons why The Joneses are a DPA Pawsome Person! Learn more about them below:

How did you get involved with Fostering with DPA?

I found DPA on Instagram and began following their posts because I love looking at cute dogs! I eventually went to DPA’s website and after looking at their mission to make North Texas no-kill, I knew I needed to help in some way.

Tell us about a few of your fosters.

We have only had 3 temporary fosters, but our favorite has been Luna, now known as Hazelnut. She was our first foster and became a foster fail!

What is your favorite animal adoption story?

Still Luna!

What do you love most about fostering with Dallas Pets Alive?

Eric and I love knowing that we can give the dogs in need a break from the shelter life or boarding, even if its only temporary. I also like how close knit the DPA community is and the way that everyone is helpful and responsive to one another.

What would be some words of wisdom to new DPA Fosters?

We are still very new ourselves, so I do not have a lot of veteran tips to give! However, I will say to just go with the flow. No two dogs are the same and each dog needs their own way of being welcomed into your household.

Give us a fun fact about you!

We are a Disney family! We love going to Disney World whenever we get the chance and would consider ourselves obsessed. It’s even more exciting now that we have a child to share it with.

Be Pawsome like The Joneses. Apply to be a Dallas Pets Alive! foster today!

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