DPA’s Pawsome People: July 2022 Volunteer Spotlight

The Pawsome Person Program recognizes some of the amazing volunteers & fosters who support our organization and companion animals in North Texas. 

“Adhya just finished her Sophomore Year at the University of South Carolina and joined DPA in April as a Social Media Intern. In her short time with DPA, Adhya has made a tremendous impact on our Marketing team. Adhya is not afraid to dive into projects and show extreme enthusiasm in showcasing her work. She has created templates to help us recap our efforts, researched how to improve our performance on social media, and created an amazing story carousel for National Pet Week. Did I mention she is a college student? We are so lucky to have Adhya and appreciate all of her hard work on the Marketing team!” -Vivian P., DPA’s Marketing Director

DPA! PAWSOME PEOPLE: Adhya K. is DPA! PAWSOME PERSON! Adhya’s enthusiasm and skill in showcasing DPA!’s work for companion animals helps us get our work out there. It also highlights that you can support our organization at any age whether you live in North Texas or elsewhere. Read more about her work here:

What is your current role?

I’m the Social Media Intern for the marketing team. 

How did you get involved with volunteering at DPA?

I had first found out about DPA through their Instagram page. I loved how the marketing for DPA focused on the stories of the pets and sharing them. It felt a lot different than the marketing I saw for other shelters that showed the pets more pitiful rather than loving. When I was looking for internships, I saw that DPA was looking for a social media intern, and I thought that worked very well with my skill set. 

What are you most passionate about at DPA?

What I love most about DPA is their mission to make Dallas a no kill zone. It’s such an honorable mission, and I hope that one day we could live in a world where every pet is given a fair chance. I love being able to share the stories of all our pets and see them go to loving homes. 

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA volunteers?

To all new volunteers, know that your contribution matters. As a remote volunteer, sometimes I feel a bit disconnected from the pets. But then, I hear of a pet recovering or a foster pet being adopted, and it makes me smile.

Give us a fun fact about you! 

I am a big stationery nerd and love to bullet journal a lot!

Be Pawsome like Adhya. Apply to be a Dallas Pets Alive! volunteer or foster today!

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