DPA’s Pawsome People: August 2019 Foster Spotlight

“Andrea is one of those magical humans whose heart is bigger than Texas. She takes on the most vulnerable population of dogs in any shelter—litters of puppies. Everyone likes puppies…it’s common for people to request just the cute, super adoptable puppies without a thought for mom. Leaving a mama behind would never cross her mind, she always takes mama. She makes sure mama is a pampered, pretty princess during her stay with the Nida family and wants for nothing. 

Her passion for these families is tangible and contagious! While most of us don’t even know our neighbors, Andrea rallies her neighborhood into action with help coming in the form of supply donations, puppy cuddles and even taking the family for daily walks! 

It doesn’t stop with just dogs. Recently when one of our foster humans ended up in the hospital, Andrea was instrumental in finding an emergency foster for one very special DPA kitty!

She spreads her wealth of puppy parenting (and mama spoiling) knowledge freely with other fosters. So if after reading this you want to be as cool as Andrea is…just ask her how!” -Danica B, DPA!’s Foster Director

It is clear that Andrea has everything it takes and more as a foster. Read more about her below:

How did you get involved with Fostering with DPA?

After fostering with a local shelter, I was hooked. My heart was extremely happy and my soul had a greater purpose that I have never experienced before. The only piece missing for me was a desire to have more involvement in finding the perfect forever home for our fosters.   Someone recommend DPA and as they say, the rest is history….2.5 years later and here I am.

Tell us about a few of your fosters.

This is really difficult because each foster comes with a unique story I want to share. Not a specific foster but I will say families (moms + puppies), bottle babies and puppies are my “speciality”. Not exactly sure how many we’ve fostered, but it has been quite a few. Families and puppies are especially important to me because they are so vulnerable in a shelter. Shelter moms generally do not get proper nutrition during pregnancy, then they are placed in a stressful environment to give birth and care for their young. It is heartbreaking seeing moms so stressed and the little lives now depending on her for life. Not to mention all the diseases running rampant in a shelter that could hurt puppies. There is nothing more amazing than the look of gratitude as a mom understands you are there to care for her and she starts trusting you as her helper to love on and care for her puppies. This includes lavishing mom with quality food, supplements, treats, a soft bed and toys to heal physically and emotionally so she can focus on being a mom.

What is your favorite animal adoption story?

Petunia and her 7 puppies. Despite only being a few years old, Petunias body showed signs of neglect, abuse and heavy breeding. Petunia was one of the most challenging foster families, but she helped shape and strengthen me as a foster parent. She was the happiest mama and so proud of her puppies. Soon after the family came, one of her puppies, Adelaide, began fading, and just like that she was my first bottle baby. Unfortunately, Adelaide didn’t make it, but she made me passionate about helping other bottle babies in need. Petunia and her remaining pups went through a host of medical emergencies…Petunias body had been so overused and neglected she didn’t live. Her remaining 6 puppies grew strong, healthy, and happy. At their adoptions, to honor Petunia, I shared pictures and stories of their mama. It was important that adopters knew how special these fur babies were. They overcame so much and as the last litter Petunia brought in to the world and they were going to be apart of a family, safe, loved and cared for. Petunia and Adelaide made me stronger and more passionate to continue saving others.

What do you love most about fostering with Dallas Pets Alive?

The medical care that DPA offers to our fosters. There have been some tough cases medically and knowing in the end that money is not what dictates the care, is a huge relief.

What would be some words of wisdom to new DPA Fosters?

Ask for help – do not go at it alone because someone probably has been there too. 

Give us a fun fact about you!

I love to travel! I just finished a month and half camping road trip with 3 of our kiddos. 

This is not on the list, but I want to recognize my  family. Anyone who can bring a mom and 8 puppies home and get the “okay” to do it again has amazing family support. In addition to my family’s support, my neighborhood, who I absolutely could not foster as many rescues without them, constantly come together with supplies and encouragement for our DPA fosters. No matter how many we keep bringing in, my neighborhood keeps invested in saving lives.

Be Pawsome like Andrea. Apply to be a Dallas Pets Alive! foster today!

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