DPA’s Pawsome People: April 2022 Volunteer Spotlight

“Jazmin has been with DPA since 2017. She is not only a foster, but also a volunteer, AND DPA adopter. She is one of those golden volunteers and fosters who continues to amaze everyone she interacts with! Jazmin is always thinking outside the box, she is professional, quick to respond, and most importantly focuses on how we can support our fosters so DPA can continue to save more lives. As the Canine Assistant Foster Director she is always working to improve and streamline processes, engage and support fosters, and always does so with a calm, and compassionate approach. 

Not only is Jazmin an amazing volunteer, but she quite literally takes in the animals that any other human would pass up. She does not shy away from orthopedic fosters, animals with neurological issues, amputees, seniors, and more. She of course has had her fair share of kittens in there! 

Jazmin is just so wonderful to work with and we sure are lucky to have her. Jazmin might have started as a foster and volunteer, but she has turned into an amazing leader and friend to so many. Thank you Jazmin for the countless lives you’ve saved and time you have given to DPA.” -Jenay B., DPA’s Foster Director

DPA! PAWSOME PEOPLE: Jazmin K. is a DPA! PAWSOME PERSON! Jazmin never shies away from an animal in need, whether it’s helping them find their forever home or welcoming them into her own. Read more about her here:

What is your current role?

Canine Assistant Foster Director 

How did you get involved with volunteering at DPA?

I started out fostering dogs and cats in 2017. Then I adopted a dog and couldn’t foster as much so I wanted another way to be involved and I became a foster rep. Really enjoyed helping people get their fosters adopted, so much so that I became the Canine Assistant Director!

What are you most passionate about at DPA?

I am passionate about helping hopeless animals. Whether it’s fostering myself or helping other fosters find the right fit for them. Every day we give animals a chance at a real life without pain or fear. We give them hope for the future. 

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA Volunteers?

Don’t put off to tomorrow something that can be done today. (I think that’s the saying?) If you’re thinking about volunteering but haven’t signed up yet, do it! We need you! If you’re already volunteering and are curious about another role, speak up! We have small roles and big roles and we want to help you find the right role for you. If you’ve been eyeing that sad looking cat or dog, email us for more info! Maybe they aren’t a good fit and that’s ok but maybe you’re exactly who they need. The animals don’t always get tomorrow so at least ask. 

Give us a fun fact about you! 

I’ve been to Alaska and seen the northern lights! I did not come home with a baby bear to foster 😉 

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