DPA’s Pawsome People: April 2019 Leadership Spotlight

“Kevin has dedicated his Sunday’s to DPA for years! As our Rescue Assistant Director Kevin helps lead the Rescue Team by example and goes to Dallas Animal Services almost every single Sunday to evaluate new dogs for our program, perform dog tests, train new Rescue Team volunteers, and basically terrify shy dogs with his giant height. We always joke we can tell which photos Kevin took during evals based on how high up from the dogs they’re taken. Kevin provides ample information, adorable photos and videos, and recommendations around dogs he meets to ensure DPA sticks to our mission of focusing on pulling the animals most in need into our foster program. We couldn’t be more thankful for his dedication week after week as he keeps going back for more puppy kisses so we can save more lives!” -Jessica W. DPA’s Vice President of Animal Operations

What does your role within DPA involve? What do you oversee within the organization?

I am the Rescue Assistant Director and an evaluator for Dallas Animal Services. As an evaluator I go to the shelter to identify animals in need and do initial evaluations of the dogs temperament and behavior so that we can then market to potential fosters. I also help train new rescue volunteers, place “tags” on animals, and help with communication between the shelter and DPA.

What is your professional background?

I am a Directional Drilling Well Planner for a local Oil & Gas company

How long have you been involved with the organization?

I have been with DPA for about 4.5 years now–which is crazy!

What drives you to dedicate your time to DPA?

I’ve always loved animals since I was a kid so getting to help with a rescue group seemed like a natural fit. I really enjoy getting to meet new dogs at the shelter and know that I have a direct affect on helping them find new homes. There is no better feeling than seeing the before & after of a dog you evaluate and knowing they are safe and thriving. The other thing that drives me is the amazing volunteers in this organization that I get to work with daily.  

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about me is that one summer at college I needed a job and found one in the Entomology Department as a Beekeeper!!  I got to out to the outdoor research campus donning my bee suit and retrieve bee eggs for a DNA experiment they were doing. It was by far one of the most random and awesome jobs i’ve ever had haha.

I also love sand volleyball so if anyone wants to go play I’m down (assuming my body holds up for another season.)

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