DPA’s Pawesome Person: November Foster Spotlight

Dani does not shy away from fostering any type of dog – she has fostered Chihuahuas to Great Danes and everything in between. Despite having a full house of dogs and cats of her own, Dani treats her foster dogs as if they were there to stay. She has a knack for loving the ones with a long list of medical issues and seniors (aka the most looked over in the shelter). Her fosters came to her with their fare share of problems ranging from extreme allergies to severe malnutrition, injuries that require surgery to heartworm. Her patience is a virtue and her passion for rescue is inspiring. We are so lucky to have Dani on our team and know that each dog that goes through her home is on the road to the best life possible. – Stefanie Steiner, Foster Director for Dallas Pets Alive!

This is why Dani Boepple is one of Dallas Pet’s Alive’s PAWesome People!

How did you get involved with Fostering with DPA?

Two 1/2 years ago I searched for a rescue to foster for, as I used to foster in California. I found DPA and fell in love with the program and people immediately. Just a few days after filling out the foster app I picked up my first shelter save in Texas! The rest is history!

Tell us about a few of your fosters.

I’ve had SO many I have lost count! I love fostering the bottle baby kittens and as an assistant Principal I took them to work with me and taught the students how to feed and care for them. I love all of my old seniors I have been able to save from the EU list. I have also been able to save quite a few sever medical cases.

What is your favorite animal adoption story?

Golden Sugar was EU list due to double broken hips, shattered back legs, and tail separated from her body after being hit by a car soon after giving birth to a litter. She was my hardest foster to date because of her large size, extreme medical needs, and months of bed rest. She was the sweetest loving dog through it all and showed me how strong dogs truly are. She was able to overcome it all and was adopted into the perfect family with three little boys to call her own!

What do you love most about fostering with Dallas Pets Alive?

Supportive team who love, care and help each other through this sometimes difficult journey of fostering.

What would be some words of wisdom to new DPA Fosters?

Be patient – our dogs come to us broken and it is our job to show them the positivity, love, and compassion they need, although this can take some of our babies months to understand. Baby steps!

Give us a fun fact about you!

I drove over 8,000 transporting for DPA last year and I’m already over 6,000 for this year! (I track my mileage!)

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