DPA’s Pawesome Person: February Volunteer Spotlight

“Christine has been a dedicated member of the DPA family for roughly 3 years. While Christine has proven her support and love for DPA is various ways, such as fostering medically needy animals and being able to quarantine successfully when needed, take on tripods, and more, as a Foster Rep hard at work assisting foster families, she truly shines as our Lead Adoption Counselor.
Christine was promoted to this role and took off with it making it her own, learning from her experiences, and helping use that to mold our team of Adoption Counselors into a well-oiled machine. Christine puts in countless hours working on revising processes, training new volunteers, and then assisting counsel them for roughly 6 weeks to ensure they truly understand and are confident in their new role. She offers a helping hand to her team to guide them to success which allows success for our animals and our adopters. As an Adoption Counselor Christine also takes on more animals than any other counselor and works tirelessly around her personal life to ensure the best possible fit for the animals she oversees. She is a vital part of the Adoption Team and DPA as a whole and because of that, we could not be more proud or honored to work alongside her.” — Jessica Weinstein, Vice President of Animal Operations for Dallas Pets Alive!

This is why Christine Sablone is a DPA Pawesome Person!

What is your current role?

I am the Adoption Counselor Lead, a Foster mom, and a Foster Rep

How did you get involved with volunteering at DPA?

Three years ago, I began looking for a group to volunteer my time with. I’ve always loved animals and had adopted in the past, so animal rescue seemed like the perfect fit. I contacted DPA! and learned they were growing quickly and needed help on their adoption team. Soon after joining Adoptline, I took in my first foster and have fostered over 40 cats and dogs since!

What are you most passionate about at DPA?

I am most passionate about the mission of DPA! – to eliminate the killing of companion animals. On any given day, there are many, many animals facing euthanization in Dallas. Fostering these animals in need is the most rewarding experience, although not always the easiest. It is simply amazing what love and patience and compassion will do for an animal. And nothing compares to finding the perfect family for them to join. The Foster Rep role has allowed me to help other Fosters by offering my experiences and answering any questions they have. And I enjoy working on the Adoption team because we review applications to make sure the animals are going to fantastic homes and also help find the adopters their perfect matches. Although we all have our own roles at DPA!, we are all working towards the same mission. 

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA Volunteers?

To the new DPA! volunteer…. don’t be afraid to ask! No matter what questions you have, we are always happy to help you find answers, so ask away!

Give us a fun fact about you!

My husband and I own a photobooth business!

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