DPA’s Pawesome Person: December Volunteer Spotlight

“Jey performs several roles for DPA that we are lucky enough to have her in, she is a Foster Rep, a Rescue Coordinator, a New Partner Coordinator, and a Foster Application Vetter, and a Foster herself, but I think the role that she makes one of the biggest impacts for both our fosters and our volunteers is her role as our Temp Foster Coordinator.

Jey has owned this role from the second she asked to have it. That’s right, Jey asks on a regular basis what else she can do, where else can she help, so DPA can save more lives and so she can help other fosters do so. She has been responsive to fosters, built new relationships with boarders, and tightened existing ones. She has assisted in creating temp foster policy and procedure to make this area of our program run as smoothly as possible for all involved, and has been willing to consistently go above and beyond our expectations to ensure our fosters are taken care of and given as much assistance as possible. This can be a stressful position, but Jey’s take charge attitude partnered with her extreme drive and compassionate heart make her the perfect fit for this role and DPA is so thankful to have her. ”  – Jessica Weinstein, Vice President, Animal Operations for Dallas Pets Alive!

This is why Jey Lehew is our Pawesome Person Spotlight for December!

What is your current role?

Rescue Coordinator / Evaluator
Temp Foster Coordinator / New Partner Coordinator
Foster Rep / Foster Mama

How did you get involved with volunteering at DPA?

About three and a half years ago, we adopted a foster from a friend of ours that was with a different rescue. I knew in my heart I wanted to be involved so much more, so I had heard about DPA and applied to be a foster. The rest is history!

What are you most passionate about at DPA?

It’s not just about saving more lives, it’s about making sure the lives saved go to fosters who are 1000% dedicated to take the ups as well as the downs that come with fostering. That is why I wanted to start vetting applications so I could explain to people that it is more than just puppy cuddles and smiles. It’s about commiting an animal that may have been severely abused, neglected, starved or subjected to being surrendered for no reason. These animals need patience, love and understanding, and it can be VERY frustrating and trying at times. But at the end of the day, it’s so worth it when we get them placed with the PERFECT family because we were able to give them back the trust they once had. The transformations that come out of DPA are mind-blowing and that is what I am most passionate about – connecting these wonderful animals with their soulmate families so they never have to go through the bad times ever again.

What are some words of wisdom to new DPA Volunteers?

Don’t take on more than you can handle…you will want to save them ALL, adopt them ALL and it will break your heart when you can’t. Take your time, learn from other fosters who have been through the gauntlet and always reach out when you need help and advice. Nobody will think you are silly for asking questions. DPA is a family and we’re all in this together!

Give us a fun fact about you!

My first pet was a green parakeet that I named Lettuce. I have gotten much more creative since I was a little girl! LOL!

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