DPA!’s Dog the Month – April: Meet Gus!

Meet Gus

Are you looking for a good-looking, intelligent, loyal companion who would love to cuddle up next to you every day? Meet Gus! His foster mom calls him “a sweet, smart gentleman” and we couldn’t agree more. Much like Gus Gus from Cinderella, our Gus is a cuddle bug and can often be found on the sofa next to whoever is there to love him back. In true gentleman form, he always asks for permission before jumping up onto the furniture, too. If only we could train humans to be so polite! Yea, we are looking at you, Lady Tremaine (Stepmother to Cinderella)! Gus also gets along well with the two other dogs in his foster home and loves to take walks and play with his chew and rope toys. His foster mom also describes him as being very calm, as all gentlemanly dogs should be.

Gus is a healthy, two-year-old, male that found himself on the rescue list at Dallas Animal Services. His coat has a soft brown color with black-tipped ears and a dark muzzle. A pair of soulful black eyes and a frisky tail make him a pretty cute pup. Heck, this dapper dude found himself on TV recently in CW33’s episode of Ruff Life. Click here to see him in action.

Adopt Gus

Gus has had a rocky start in life but has done well in his foster home and needs someone who will provide him with unconditional love and lots of pets and cuddles. Maybe you are the person who will open your heart and your home to this charming gentleman dog. If you are, we know you will not be disappointed. Gus will politely give back a lot more than he takes.

Gus’ adoption fee is only $100 through the entire month of April! Apply to adopt Gus TODAY!

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