DPA’s Dog of the Month — July: Meet Texas Rose

A dog who wants nothing more than to follow you from room to room, shower you with cuddly affection and pause to chase a butterfly–meet Texas Rose, a young male pup with a brown coat and honey-colored eyes who is looking for a forever home!

This sturdy pup is a quiet dog who is somewhat shy but absolutely loves his people and stuffed animals.  If you are looking for a companion who will stick to you like glue, here’s the dog. He lives to cuddle and is very loyal to his family.

Texas Rose prefers a quiet home free of loud sounds like fireworks, vacuum cleaners and squeaky toys.  He will chase anything that moves (so squirrels should be warned ahead of time). He’s an obedient and cooperative dog who crates well, even when people are around.  

Because he is a bit shy, he will need a patient owner who can help him gradually adjust to different surroundings.  A little love will go a long way, though and we think you will be rewarded with many happy days with one special pup.  

Do you think you could make Texas Rose your new bestie?  Apply to adopt him today! Now through July 31 his adoption fee is 50% off. 

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