DPA’s Dog of the Month – May: Meet Harrison Ford!

Quick!  Before the suspension bridge breaks, meet Harrison Ford!  Harrison is this month’s leading man, a ruggedly handsome sort with an expressive face who’s bound to entertain you with his canine adventures.  Harrison is large Labrador Retriever mix with a brindle gray and white coat and a winsome smile who is ready for a new script.


As expected, Harrison has had his share of mishaps.  Whatever happened, he isn’t telling us, but he came to DPA malnourished and missing most of his fur.  That must have been some Temple of Doom! This courageous pup is in a safe place now, has put the long, hard journey behind him and is ready for a new home.  True to his on-screen personality, he falls in love easily and will become your constant companion, laying in your lap (well, part of him anyway) or next to you on the sofa or bed.  


Harrison loves adventure so he wants to play a lot.  And he wants you to play, too. He would also benefit from a secure yard and daily walks with his family.  Being a younger dog, obedience and behavior classes would help him gain social skills and confidence for the journey ahead.


Of course, Harrison has a gentlemanly side.  He can walk on a leash, is crate-trained and housebroken.  He prefers to parachute out of a plane over the Himalayas with a female dog about his size and energy level.  Cats and male dogs shouldn’t be on this adventure.


Harrison Ford has so much to offer!  Can you see this special dog having a leading role in your life?  Apply to adopt him today. Now through May 31 his adoption fee is 50% off! 

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