DPA’s Cat of the Month – March: Meet Sharky!

She’s too friendly to live in a barn, loves to cuddle with people and has plans to be the only cat in her next household.  Meet Sharky! This pretty cat is a Torbie, a mix between a tortoiseshell and a tabby. Her brown and gray markings, stripes and golden eyes make her quite the attractive feline.

Sharky was a stray when DPA first met her.  She was a part of a spay/neuter program and was destined to be in a barn cat program, spending her days wandering outside, making a barn her home and catching mice for farmers.  But then her true nature came to the surface when she got attached to her caretakers and it was clear that she was meant to be a lap cat who is better suited to the farmhouse than the barn!

Sharky’s foster mom loves her affectionate ways.  Sharky likes to sit with her on the sofa and even puts her paw over her foster mom’s leg.  (You aren’t going anywhere, okay?) Her favorite activity is purring (she’s very good at it) and she loves to talk to you at meal times. Sharky can be a bit nervous and needs a confident handler who will help her build trust in people. She would make a great companion for someone who could spend a lot of time with her and make her the one and only feline of the house.  She is box-trained and uses a scratching post, too.

If you think you could give this special indoor kitty a new home, apply to adopt her today! Now through March 31 her adoption fee is 50% off. 

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